The Houstons, On Our Own

When I first heard that they were actually going to let Bobby Christina do a reality show, I immediately though, “Oh Lawd, what are we really about to see”? I remember watching, “Being Bobby Brown in shock and amazement. ” The Houston’s On our Own” is like “Being Bobby Brown” 2.0 on crack with absolutely no filter. DISCLAIMER: DO NOT SUBJECT YOUR NERVES TO SUCH PROGRAMMING IF YOU ARE NOT PREPARED…. I checked out the […]

Welcome to Techwood Homes

At one point in time, it was notorious¬† for being the most dangerous ‘hoods in America: Techwood Homes. It was born right here in Atlanta. Built in August of 1936, Techwood Homes is the first government housing project in the United States. It is located on the Northwest side of the city. Techwood sit nestled right in between the legendary Varsity (ugh) and Georgia Tech. Tech Drive is the main vessel that runs through this […]

R.I.P Vanessa “Honey” Malone

When I saw her picture and I read the story, I got so angry. Really, wtf is the media even for now a days? The news would rather cover Octomom and The Khardashian’s over actual news. Why is it that no media outlet has picked up this story? I guess an 18 year old girl losing her life to brutal, pointless violence is not newsworthy. Life is messed up especially in 2012. This election is […]

Breast Cancer Awareness

I remember slowly hearing the growth of the term, ” Beast Cancer”. For me, the knowledge of it came about some time in the 90’s. The thought that one could catch cancer in their breast was too much for my small mind to grasp then. As time went on and I grew older, I began to learn. I watched Breast Cancer go from a small thing that was just being mentioned, to a large epidemic […]

The size of Chicken

I always say that if something were to happen and the world should really end; Roaches, shrimp, and my dad would survive. He knows how to live off of his land and make his investment work for him. I often tell people that whenever I go home, I get the freshest chicken and eggs anywhere. When I go home, I can eat chicken a little more at ease because I know for a fact that […]

Ahh!!!!! It’s the monster

As earth gets older, people have proven to become more heartless and callous. scandal and defamation rules over so much. To put it plain and simple, no one gives a rip about anything. What ever happened to “respect”? I keep hearing this term, “The Monster”. It took me a minute to understand what this was. It is the new stigmatized name for HIV/AIDS. This stigma has reached an all time new low. So low that […]