When I saw her picture and I read the story, I got so angry. Really, wtf is the media even for now a days? The news would rather cover Octomom and The Khardashian’s over actual news. Why is it that no media outlet has picked up this story? I guess an 18 year old girl losing her life to brutal, pointless violence is not newsworthy. Life is messed up especially in 2012. This election is the distraction that is making racism an even bigger distraction. People are falling for this garbage. I guess we as a people are more concerned  about keeping up some shit ( Excuse my language, I’m mad forreal) rather  than informing and helping to aid the innocent. What is it going to take for these media outlets to stop thinking with their asses? This story reached the surface via Facebook.

It happen on Tuesday, October 23, 2012. It is said that Honey walked up on a robbery in progress. When she realized what was going on, naturally she tried to run. She was then shot once then dragged into the apartment where the robbery was in progress. It is said that she screamed and one of the attackers shot her in the back. The bullet shattered her spine and exited through her heart. Her body was found inhumanly folded in a closet.

My heart is so heavy for her family. No one deserves this. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE. She was clearly at the wrong place at the wrong time.  What bothers me is… This is Atlanta. You mean to tell me with all that’s going on in “Black Hollywood”, not one news outlet thought that sharing this story in hopes to find her murderer(s) was necessary. These people should be ashamed of themselves. I am too disgusted with what media is. It damn sure isn’t what it is supposed to be..

Outside of writing this post and cursing out America’s tryflin’-ass media, what Can I do? This isn’t right. Readers please comment your suggestions and share this information. We must do something because they apparently “ain’t”….

When will the madness stop?

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