At one point in time, it was notorious  for being the most dangerous ‘hoods in America: Techwood Homes. It was born right here in Atlanta. Built in August of 1936, Techwood Homes is the first government housing project in the United States. It is located on the Northwest side of the city. Techwood sit nestled right in between the legendary Varsity (ugh) and Georgia Tech. Tech Drive is the main vessel that runs through this area. After the Great Depression, Atlanta had to rebuild just like any other city. Other areas of Atlanta such as: Auburn Avenue  used to be a shantytown . “Dark Town” became Auburn Avenue and has  left an amazing example as far as positive progression, leadership and development goes.


Techwood Flats

Techwood Homes was built to replace a large Shantytown named, Tech Flats” or “Tanyard Bottom”. It was an actual attempt on what public housing was originally “in-visioned” to be. At the time of its construction, public housing was still segregated. White families were the first to occupy this newly rebuilt community in Atlanta. Techwood consisted of:  A 300 student dormitory for the neighboring Georgia Tech, A library, 6 stores, and  central laundry facilities. 189 units all had garages. Everything was all electric. Water, heat, and electric were all included in the rent. Techwood Homes didn’t become integrated until the height of the Civil Rights Movement in 1968.

The 80’s, and 90’s brought a record amount of crime in Techwood. This became more than just a huge issue. Back in the day, there were two main arteries in Atlanta for moving dope. The Bluff was known for Heroin and Techwood was known for cocaine. After earning the crown of, “The most Dangerous Project in America”, Techwood had to go. It was demolished in 1996, right before the Summer Olympics in Atlanta. At that point in time, Atlanta was evolving and coming into its own as a major city in the south. Techwood Homes had grown to become a crime infested eye sore that Atlanta decided to finally get rid of. To keep it real though, the Olympics where coming to Atlanta that year and Atlanta was picked to be America’s representation that year. Techwood Homes was just too much of a bad example that was located way to close to were the games were happening. The residents of Techwood Homes were given Section 8 vouchers for them to relocate. There you have it, re-gentrification…  Today, When you ride down Tech Drive, you would have never guessed that this “Tech land” that’s home to many college kids and establishments was once the exact opposite.