As earth gets older, people have proven to become more heartless and callous. scandal and defamation rules over so much. To put it plain and simple, no one gives a rip about anything. What ever happened to “respect”? I keep hearing this term, “The Monster”. It took me a minute to understand what this was. It is the new stigmatized name for HIV/AIDS. This stigma has reached an all time new low. So low that I have to speak up.

It was a post on an extremely popular urban blog site that disturbed me to max.  The story talked about a teenaged girl who just received her HIV results from her doctor. She made a post on Facebook celebrating the fact that her test results came back positive. She thought an HIV positive diagnosis meant a  negative result. She shared the joy of this false news out of her own misunderstanding.

Let’s be real, this day in age, a negative result to an  HIV test is always something to celebrate. This disease is running rampant and riddling the world. It is an epidemic that has continued to grow over the past few decades. It doesn’t matter if you are a victim of a dirty needle, a monogamous relationship, promiscuity. or rape. Life is not fair. This is something that we as a people have seen at large in situations such as: Trayvon Martin or the victims of the Jerry Sandusky case.  Life happens.

I normally don’t even bother reading content like this.  I consider stories like this “useless” and “newless”.  However, on this day, something urged me to click the link. I found it disgusting that the people that ran this site allowed this story to be published. They even had the nerve to post  screen shots of the girl’s post. I am more disturbed at the  stigma they are sensationalizing. This is a major problem that’s going on in world. You’re calling it, “The Monster”? I hate to say this, but this is real… Stigmatizing this illness with  words like this or “that package”,  makes people shun away from going to check their own status.   A lot of people are afraid to find out. If you get infected, what’s your life going to be like? This is a real question.

I think, “What about their current readers that are HIV Positive”? What was the point of  them creating this post?  It showed that the editors  are heartless and inhumane. What good was really coming out of blasting this teenager’s situation even further? It’s bad enough she posted her false joy on Facebook and accidentally aired herself, why ridicule? Can we call this journalism? Looks like a lot for pointless,  mean-spirited reporting going on. Get it together… That post wasn’t right.