confederate flagIf America truly cared about the Confederate flag‘s meaning to Black people, they would never have let it be produced, sold, and allowed on every Capital’s flagpole after the Confederate States officially lost the Civil War on April 9, 1865. Instead, this flag would be written about in history books and displayed in museums as only a war-tale that makes up a piece of America’s history. The true reality on the Middle Passage and slavery would also be rightfully told and not exploited on the Hollywood silver screen inaccurately.  Let me break it down for you plain and simple: If you think the removal of this flag will spark “change” in America, you are correct!  The conditions in America are too coincidentally “right” for war. The question is: Why remove the Confederate flag now? It is a touchy subject that gets people emotionally charged on both sides of the fence.  Hmmmm… Privileged and politics, heritage, and tension are just the icing on the cake. Our media and government have been in cahoots to spark  major chaos all over the United States.  This is the perfect way to usher in Marshall Law. Lets keep it real and put on our thinking caps.

Why do we find this flag unbearably offensive now? Shouldn’t this have been offensive back when slavery was abolished on paper and most southern Blacks ended up falling victim to things like: the hustle of Share Cropping? What  I don’t understand is…. How is it that 9 people get shot at a Black Baptist church is Charleston, South Carolina , by a White boy; and the Confederate flag now needs to come down with urgency.  I can see if the shooter Dylann Roof was draped in  Confederate memorabilia at the time when he did it. I could actually understand why this flag would finally be targeted for removal  We see a past photo of the shooter with a Confederate flag, and somehow we zero in on the flag itself. I can’t help but think, “Wow, so much hype about this flag… did we forget that people actually died that day when all they were doing was worshiping?” It’s almost like we are flying by this subject and using “forgiveness” as an excuse to hurry up and “move on”, yet we are coming gung-ho to target this flag with a vengeance. Meanwhile, Black churches are being torched down all over the South. 2015 is beginning to mirror life during the 1960’s. Why are we fighting over a flag when we have bigger things going on that we need to tend to, such as us as a whole losing some of our most basic human rights?

Pride, Privileged, and “Heritage”

confederate-flag-free-speechThe Sons of the Confederacy feel that this flag has a right to be here because the United States never formally addressed it. After the Union states won the war, America did not  banish this flag. As a Black woman, I am forced to believe that allowing this flag to fly 150 years  after the South lost is sending a subliminal message to Black America pretty much stating:

“F- you and your people’s contribution to this country, even if we treated you like product and not even 3/5 of a human being, fought to keep you enslaved as a product/machine, and psychologically screw your race up for generations to come via Willie Lynch and countless other slaver masters that applied his methods.”


As a Black woman, the Confederate flag is sickening and offensive. However…. The Sons of the Confederates feel differently. To them, this is a symbol of their part in this “great” battle, even though the South lost. All of North America was tense during the time of the Civil War for several reasons. Things were going on with the Industrial Revolution and the world of politics was doing all kinds of shifting, not to mention, Abraham Lincoln’s election as President didn’t sit well with everyone (Think about it, at the end of the day, he was shot in the back of the head while out at the theater one evening) The Sons of the Confederates feel that this is their “heritage”. More importantly because of the United States’ failure to address this, that automatically confirmed that all while slapping Black America in the face at the same time.

As a little girl, once I began to grow wiser to the world and that veil of innocence dropped from my eyes, I couldn’t help but notice this flag from time to time. I used to let it bother me, to the extent that I would often stare down
people who paraded it.  To be honest, that was just stupid and a waste of time that I could never get back. The only thing that did was make folks say, “Are you gonna blink?” I dried my eyes out for nothing thinking that I was making a “statement”. As I grew older, I learned not to care about the mental illness of racism in this matter. I chose not to let this flag offend me. Instead, I began to learn about myself and who I was. What was it that was so special about being
Black that was controversial? Yes, controversial.

 Politics and Tension

  • The first civil war started in Charleston, SC. Isn’t it quite coincidental that this event happened in Charleston, SC? Or… Am I just trippin? Hmmmm…
  • Lets not forget Jim Crow, Emmett Till or the Civil Rights Movement. Black American’s didn’t catch a break util Decade later, After the civil Rights movement. Fast-forward now and you have blacks being killed by police  and other well known “neighborhood racists” ie. Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman situation. These situations are being to over shadow the news and people are beginning to get fed-up ie. The Baltimore riots.

We are concerned about this flag at the wrong time. Our everyday rights are being revoked because we are not paying attention to what is going on in the house. This clip below states how real this is.

In conclusion The Confederate flag had absolutely no business being printed and distributed anymore after the war was fought and the south lost. The United States have pretty much let this issue “ride” for 150 years. Yet and still, nothing was done about it. We allow this flag to even fly our State Capitals.  Why didn’t we target this in 1963 when those four little girls lost their lives in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing, Montgomery Alabama? That happened at church in Atlanta, Georgia. Better yet, why didn’t we address this when Martin Luther King Jr’s mother was assassinated at church while playing the organ? Why must this flag come down now? The Sons of the Confederates aren’t going to let this one ride. The Confederate flag will not be banished without a fight. Both sides of this argument are passionate about this issue, regardless of race. Trust me, attempting to remove this flag is waging war.