This case is shrouded in so much mystery that the public is trying to decide if Sandra Bland did indeed kill herself, was murdered, or is a culprit in another national hoax. Is this situation really real or is this another false flag designed to distract us and keep us disengaged with what is going on in politics right now? Considering how things are going these days, that really isn’t a far fetched question. Not to mention, the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal is being brokered this week. Yet, nobody has said anything. Even our media  outlets are quiet on the TPP issue and how unconstitutional it is. This “trade” agreement will change life as we know it. We are all equally in deep shit… American’s also seem to be unalarmed at the fact that both the FBI and Homeland Security are getting more and more involved with our local and state police departments. <——-RED FLAG!!!!!!!! That is NOT a sign of relief. False hope—> YES.

What really happened to Sandra Bland? To be honest, we will never know. From the very beginning, the media has only fed the public what they wanted us to consume about this incident. Everything about this case is suspect. There are way too many gray areas. Video footage has been edited and altered, and at one point, we really cannot tell if the woman in the jail footage is Sandra. One can barely even begin to draw a logical conclusion; this woman is not supposed to be dead right now. Sandra Bland was a native of Illinois who was relocating to Texas to work her dream job at her Alma Mater: Prairie View A&M University (HBCU).  Her mission was  abruptly put on hold after a routine traffic stop on July 10, 2015 that went horribly wrong. What was supposed to be a simple warning ended with her being arrested and manhandled. Three days later, the 28-year-old woman was found dead in her jail cell in Waller County, Texas from an alleged suicide. Her mother has declared war (literally) and Black America is PISSED…. AGAIN.

Well if this doesn’t sound too familiar…

Could she have killed herself?

Sandra Bland was known as a Black Lives Matter activist. She was transitioning in her life. You could see it on her youtube videos. Even her hairstyles had a story to tell about her growth.  When she first started sharing her feelings and views with the world via youtube, she looked different from the above picture. We watched her evolve on her path to self discovery. She kept it real, normally seen smiling in her pictures and videos.  On March 1, 2015 she released a video where she acknowledged and apologized to her audience for being M.I.A for a while. In her own words, she shared with the world that she was feeling down. She was suffering from both depression and PTSD, granted, she didn’t tell where that stemmed from.

Even though she openly admitted to dealing with PTSD and Depression, she still seemed to be speaking from a positive place. She also believed in the love of God and offered to pray for others who were battling the same things in their personal lives. She knew that she was not alone, she also said that her battle with depression was a daily  test in the beginning of her video after this (March 4, 2015). One thing that we get from her is that she refused to be defeated by depression or PTSD. She was honest and open about her struggle…


Was Sandra Bland Murdered?

sanDuring the now infamous video of her arrest, there is one point where the camera is off of both Sandra and the police officers( a second officer had arrived on the scene at this time.). You hear Sandra scream and say that the Officer slammed her head into the ground. She then screamed, “I have epilepsy, Motha Fucka!” at that point the officer said, “Good”. This infuriated Bland even more. She also stated that she could not hear.  Could she have sustained a head injury such as some sort of intracranial bleeding? That is serious and would have killed her if she did not receive any medical attention. As she was picked up and lead to another car, she thanks a bystander who just so happened to get this whole incident on tape (something isn’t right with that but i’ll keep going.) She was then taken off to the Waller County jail meanwhile yelling, “I can’t wait for my court date!” It is still hard to believe that this is the same woman who called her followers: Kings and Queens. (I am NOT defaming her, I am simply stating facts).

I still cannot call this situation. There is too much that just doesn’t make sense. When Sandra first pulled over, she was mild-mannered with the officer. When the officer came back with a written warning, she was obviously annoyed. Let’s be real, the cops don’t care nothing about time or urgency when they pull you over. As far as they are concerned, you are on their time. Her attitude was ok until the cop baited her by asking “What’s wrong” and then asking her to put out her cigarette later. The situation escalated to unreal proportions after that. What happened to Sandra Bland should not have happened period. She should have been driving off….

Is this another Hoax?

Just like Sandy Hook and the Charleston church shooting, are we dealing with a bunch of Crisis actors that are simply carrying out their orders to distract the American people. This week alone has brought about too many things at once. It’s highly coincidental that Bobby Kristina is finally passed and Sam Dubose is killed for no reason  by a campus officer in Cincinnati, Ohio- execution style. It seems as if the American people are purposely being distracted and it is working.

When the news first hit that Sandra Bland who is approximately 6 feet tall, was found hanging in her jail cell from a trash bag noose, I knew something wasn’t right. I’m sorry, but a trash bag is not that strong. I don’t care if it is industrial strength plastic.

Conspiracy Theories

Back to the question: Is it a possibility that Sandra Bland really killed herself? If so, why? Since this has happened, the media has already been campaigning to discredit her and assassinate her character. Reports of her suffering a miscarriage and attempting suicide right after has surfaced. keep in mind, she said that she suffers from PTSD. When you are pregnant and lose your baby, it hurts. It hurts like hell, especially if you really wanted to be a mother to your unborn. Her behavior after suffering a personal and catastrophic loss like that isn’t uncommon. Keep in mind, post-partum  is real, and your hormones have to balance back out. New mothers aren’t always aware and prepared on how to deal with this, especially if you are dealing alone. The intake paperwork also does not add up. Why wasn’t she placed in a suicide watch cell vs. being put in a cell alone? The explanation is bogus.

Peep the video of this press conference…. Why is her sister smirking? Something isn’t right with that… Watch the clip and decide for yourself.

In life, you have to pick and chose your battles. You also have to be smart about it.

After watching the obvious disregard for black life and the growing memorials  and pointless hashtags, I can’t help but think: Damn, am I going to be next? This is a real question that every black person in America is thinking in the back of their heads. I think it is safe to say that we will never know the truth. It’s all a bunch of “he said, she said”, suspect behavior, and flawed footage. Lastly, in an attempt to defame her character, they said that she smoked a bunch of marijuana while locked up, and that an astronomical amount was found in her system. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THAT IS PURE BULLSHIT MALARKEY…  If that is really the case, who gave her the weed, and where was everyone when she was allegedly smoking. Also, where is that footage?

Furthermore, isn’t medical marijuana legal is nearly all 50 states now? I would think that Epilepsy would get a pass.. I’m just saying…

Lastly, you mean to tell me that Sandra Bland was a Black Lives Matter activist and NOBODY could pool together $500 to get her out. I guess they were too busy chasing Confederate flags… She shouldn’t have even been in for 3days… The whole situation is just WRONG

Her last video