It is safe to say that in America, you can be a white man and have sex with children (Jared Fogle) and only get a slap on the wrist for it, yet you can be a black educator convicted of helping your students “cheat “through a pointless and draining standardized test (APS Cheating Scandal) and be axed for life. Keep in mind, No Child Left behind  is designed to really keep our kids behind. It is NOT  helping our children at all…  It is safe to say that in America, you can be  black and make a bad decision, even with good intentions, and be persecuted for it for the rest of your life, yet you can be white pedophile and NOT be placed under the jail even after you have bragged about having sexual intercourse with a child. Then everyone wants to look at Black America like we’re crazy for being pissed off. Being black in the thick of this heat is really getting tense right now…

Let’s be real, the only time that black people were wanted in Amerikkka was only to “her” up. During this country’s inception, the black Afrikans were the ultimate cash crop/tool, not a human being. That was even spelled out on paper. Let’s not forget the 3/5th’s compromise. At the end of the day, we cannot expect this country to truly give a damn about black life. The APS cheating scandal and Jared Fogle cases spell that out CLEARLY.  You cannot deny the issue of race when you look at the outcome of both cases. All of the educators were black. I didn’t recall seeing not one white educator. What they did was indeed dishonorable but what Jared Fogle did was disgusting and disturbing.  Look at the intentions behind both cases. The educators truly didn’t mean harm and lets be real, America’s public education system has been in need of reform for decades now. Nobody ever talks about the pressures that are placed upon teachers today. What’s crazy about the APS scandal is that none of the children were phsyically harmed. Nobody’s child got molested or sexually assaulted in any kind of way. These children were not in harm’s way while in these educators care. What’s really going on?


The idea of Black Nationalism is not too far-fetched. In 2015, Marcus Garvey’s theories have only been confirmed to be true. We can’t sit here in a country where the majority of us were brought here against our will only to be looked at as cattle and expect to really identify with this place as “home”. We were stolen from our home and were basically forced to start over somewhere else. We had to figure out who we were in another land that we knew nothing about. Then on top of that, we still have to untangle all of the psychological effects of both the middle passage and slavery. pain like that plagues generations. Just sitting here and demanding reparations is not enough. We must establish our own. I am not really sure if America is the place to do this especially now. Our rights are being taken away from us daily. Yet, we do nothing but hashtag, share links and share videos, and state our opinions on Facebook. That will not suffice anymore.

At this stage of the game, I am done with pointing fingers, making excuses, and hashtagging. FUKK THAT SHIT. My issue with black America is the laziness and hypocrisy. This is what I mean: I find it extremely sad and disheartening that people like Dylan roof and Officer Ray Tensing (the cop that murdered Sam Dubose) have Support. These people have Support and we know that they are guilty of the crimes that they are accused of. These two individuals have both murdered black people in this country and it seems as if they have supporters that are eager to rewarded them as if they are heros. Ray tensing didn’t even spend a week in jail and his supporters got him out pronto. Keep in mind that we watched him walk up on Sam Dubose and shoot him in the head. The only reason why Dylann Roof isn’t out is because he was surprisingly not given a bond (even though they classified his acts as a hate crime and not terrorism, which is also questionable. Damn him being a US citizen. What he did was terroristic.)

My frustration as a black woman comes in when I see people pool together and raise funds for these known killers yet the only thing that black America is doing is volunteering themselves to be statistical data via a hashtag. The only thing that a hashtag is doing is just sitting in cyber space waiting to trend if anyone really cares to talk about it. That is why I say Fukk #Blacklivesmatter because it is just a trend. I Stand convicted in disbelief when I have yet to see the people of #blacklivesmatter say anything about Tremaine Wilbourn or these educators who have been locked up for this cheating scandal. I have to question the validity of  #blacklivesbetter when it comes down to hot button issues like this and they choose to be quiet. Yet, when it came down to removing this stupid confederate flag, BLM was all over it like maggots on a porkchop sitting outside in the sun. I THOUGHT YOU ALL WERE ACTIVIST! BLM was more quiet than a church mouse when Sandra Bland died and she was a BLM “activist”. I think it is safe to say that if you are a BLM activist, don’t expect all of these “conscious” black people to care about your ass if you get locked up for the “cause” or be murdered for nothing. They have proven that to be a valid thought.

tremaine wilbournI never thought that I would reach a point to where I am questioning black people and the direction of our actions as a whole after seeing our  failure to act when put on blast. It is extremely sickening to me that no one has come to the aid of Tremaine Wilbourn in Memphis, TN. In the days to follow Wilbourn turning himself in, so many people began hashtagging “support” on social media saying that they would have done the same thing if they were in the same position that he was in. Black people as a whole said that they can understand the fact that Tremaine Wilbourn did not want to be the next victim plastered across the television. Also, keep in mind that the media just terrorized Black America by showing us the execution of Sam Dubose by the police and we watched the guy who did it, get financial support and be released back on the streets in less than a week.  Black America agreed that, Tremaine Wilbourn did what he needed to do: Take a life to save his own.

This is my personal issue—-> Everyone can agree and understand why Tremaine Wilbourn was put in the position that he is in yet there’s been no sort of crowdfunding established by us to get this man adequate legal representation. The fact that he was trending and everyone seemed to be in agreeance with why he did what he did and he has to be appointed a public defender by the court is beyond outrageous. This is the hypocritical shit that is bothering me. FUKK YOUR HASHTAGS AND SOLIDARITY TWEETS!

Again I ask: What is the cost of black life? Is it a hoodie? Is it a pack of Skittles? Is it an Arizona iced tea? Is it driving while black? I am sadden to write this article. I never thought that in 2015 I will have to write an article questioning the cost of being black. What are we worth? I am also compelled to ask: What is consciousness? Is consciousness being the first one to turn on CNN and know the number of black live taken for the day? Better yet, knowing the faces and names of every black victim? We as a community MUST do better! Our survival depends on it.  The problem with today is all of our secrets are out. The secrets to the Underground Railroad are out. The secrets to how we communicated during the slave trade are out. The secret codes and core values of all of our LIB organizations are out. That golden code of silence has been violated. So now, we have to work extra hard. We have to create new and innovative ways to get things accomplished silently. hash tagging is not the way. Peaceful protest marches is no longer the way. Demonstrating Die-ins is not the way.  Making a mockery of how a  person lost their life is not the way. When Mike Brown passed away I just could not understand why people put up their hands saying his last words, “don’t shoot” and then playing dead by the masses. What point did that serve? What point were you making? That you could play dead and be convincing? GTFOH!

What is the cost of black life in Amerikkka today. Marcus Garvey tried to tell us something…