slicethepiescamFor a music lover, the idea of making money just to give your opinion of various songs seems divine. I mean, who doesn’t like music? So, when I was told about a website that pays people just to write reviews, I was sold. The mere thought sounded like easy was introduced to me. After reading how their policies and procedures work, I signed up and began reviewing tunes right away. Little did I know, it was all a scam. is not a legit site.

This is how it works. You fill out a questionnaire outlining your musical taste. The songs that you review are based off of your questionnaire answers.  You review songs  and get paid in between $0.04 to $0.20 per review. You are given 90 seconds to listen to each song before you can even submit the review. These folks expect you to give a clear and concise review.  The better the review, the more money you earn per review. Once you earn ten dollars in reviews, you can begin transfer via paypal. Everything was cool until their system started trippin’. I thought there was some sort of glitch so, I inquired about it via email:


Blaqkharma, Jan 09 00:40:

“something is wrong with your system. I am trying to transfer my money to my paypal and it’s saying that I am entering the wrong birthdate. I know my date of birth. What is wrong with your system”

Someone did contact me the very next day saying this:

Maddy, Jan 09 15:59:


Thanks for getting in touch. As a security measure, we ask for confirmation of your birth date when withdrawing to PayPal. If the birth date you originally entered in when you first used the site is incorrect, we’ll then need proof of date of birth such as a scan of a form of ID. Please feel free to blank out any information you don’t wish to share with us! Once we’ve received this and updated our records, you’ll then be able to withdraw your money to PayPal.

If you have any more questions then please let us know!

Thanks again,

Customer Support”

After having trouble transferring my monies into my paypal account and several emails later, something told me to create a new profile using a different email address. I wanted to see what information they asked me for. To my horror, they never asked me for a date of birth. It was then that I knew that I was scammed.I realized that I was most definitely scammed forreal once I read this email. I responded one final time saying this (excuse the ratchettness):

“I have already concluded that you guys are a scam and make a habit of false advertising and lying to people. At first I thought this was a crazy system error so, I went and signed up for a new account with a different address just to see if you guys asked about my birthdate and you guys did NOT. So I already know that I have been scammed. It’s okay though, I am currently writing an article about this on my website (yes, you guys messed with a very prolific journalist). I will be sure to inform all of my readers about this bogus scam. You guys are messing with  artists and people who would not mind reviewing music for a little but of money, even if it is a ridiculous amount, and for what?  I will also be contacting the BBB as well to report your maggot ass scam.”

I wanted to write this post to inform anyone that if they are thinking about fooling with Slice the Pie  for extra change, you might as well forget about it. At the end of the day, all you will end up with is a headache, bad nerves, and wasted time.

Here are a few testimonies from others who have been slammed:

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