Lactose intolerant is simply an enzyme deficiency it basically means that your body cannot break down the natural sugar that is in milk. One of the biggest myths about milk is that it promotes good bone health and density and that it is a great source or calcium and Vitamin D however, what they don’t  tell you is: 80 percent of cows have leukemia. It is believed that pasteurization kills all of the harmful organisms in milk. This simply means that they heat the milk to 162 degrees for 15 seconds then WALLA MAGIC! It’s all good.

I don’t trust this, personally. The reason why is because I wonder,  How come they don’t disclose this information on all these “got milk” commercials. They don’t think that the the people would be interested in knowing that 8 times out of 10 when you drink a glass of milk, the cow it came from may have had leukemia. I hate it when “machines” think for people.

Today, everything is contaminated. “Natural” is trying to make a comeback but with all that going on, “authentic natural” is dying out. Today we all have to survive against: genetically modified foods (GMO’S), Man-made “Natural” disasters, Meat that is killing us, and air that smells of all kinds of loose pathogens and radical agents. We have the right to be informed. A lot of us naturally are sensing that things are off.

In addition to milk being proven to actually take away from the body’s natural calcium supply, It also produces mucus in the body. That is why you shouldn’t consume dairy if you are sick or why singers can’t have dairy before they get ready to sing. The dairy industry is bad business. You can find some of everything from:  blood cells, to antibiotics, to hormones are floating around in a glass.  The  dairy industry today is not the same industry that it used to be. They subject the animals to such torturous living conditions and the slaughter house isn’t pretty. Not to mention the fact that they will make a calf that is naturally 300 pounds and beef it up until it weighs well over a ton. This is what they are selling to us. How can the fluid of this animal not be harmful to humans?

Dairy does the body NO GOOD!!

Most importantly, did anyone ever stop to really think about why we need milk? What other animal do you know of that drinks milk outside of infancy? Better yet, when is the last time you’ve seen an animal drink the milk of a different animal? Humans are the only ones that do this.  Science has even proven that cow’s milk does not belong in our diets. It is said that 90 percent of Americans are lactose intolerant.  That is clearly a sign that our bodies don’t need to ingest milk.