white priviledge You have already lost the fight if you are truly expecting for Black people to receive any sort of “justice” in America. Think about it. This country was built by free labor on the backs of African slaves AFTER it was stolen from the Native Americans. I think it is absolutely crazy that, those who are the descendants of slaves, are relying on the system to give us “justice”. Keep in mind that this is the SAME system that wronged us… Am I wrong? I mean… we still have yet to receive the 40 acres and a mule that we never even asked for. Remember, that was a false promise that America guaranteed to us knowing good and hell well, that that debt would NEVER be fulfilled.  stop pointing fingers and making excuses… Fukk White Privilege! My people, it is high time that we MOBILIZE and think bigger!

 This is not me bashing Black America at all. I am a black woman. A black woman who is invested in seeing her people rise above and progress in a positive manner with zero excuses. I’m sorry but… pointing the finger and blaming anything on “white privilege”   will no longer suffice for me.

Also, my people: Quit with that same bullshit excuse about black people not being able to come together and work towards the greater good of anything. That is a lie. The truth is we do come together. We come together and do a lot of good. And when we come together, we scare the hell out of EVERYBODY else …

I am not ridiculing or pointing fingers. Everything in this article applies to me just as much as it applies to everyone else…

We are not wanted here.  Hell, black people were never wanted here, not to be treated as human beings. Look at the history… the United States is interested in us being here as living and breathing property only. America has never made that a secret. Just think about it… Why is it that all the “good” black movies are the slave movies? Why is it that a black man or black woman have to play such a greedy, grimy, and/or degrading Role to get so much as a head nod from the Academy awards? Positive black imagery rarely gets the Oscar. “Niggas” are still trying to impress white people… For what?  I’m sorry, but sharing memes about the public “outrage” to tragedies that are happening, most recently Tamir Rice, is cool but NOT enough. Once again, when we look at the history of the USA inception, it is doing exactly what it was designed to do: Screw people over, kill, and rebuild.

Why haven’t we began to mobilize on a massive level?

There are levels to mobilization. Level one, being the mind… It all starts with the mind… It is clearly a war on blacks in America. Still…Why sit  and plead to be equals with a country that counted us a 3/5 of a human being? Why cuff our potential at just equality when we are so much greater? It seems as if everyone knows who we are except for us. In my opinion, “Justice” would be a reverse slavery situation. Only for the simple fact of being able to say, “my former” oppressors now understand the exact same social, psychological, and spiritual inhumane brutality that my ancestors have been through. The actual 40 acres and a mule would have been a mere acknowledgement.


Courtesy of Ferris.edu

We will never get “justice” for Sandra Bland, Sam Dubose, Trayvon Martin and all the other names added to the “black slaughter list”. Let’s not even begin to imagine  the list of the unknowns… Thinking about white privilege and the plight of the black family unit in America, can we honestly say that there has been any justice? Again, the history… People fail to remember that the civil rights movement was not that long ago. Black people have only been enjoying certain “freedoms “in this country for a few decades. Even then, when you think about it, we had to raise hell just to get that. And, the only reason why we got it was because we literally scared ‘white America’ enough to act. Black unity is powerful. Lets UNITE.