Making it rain has got to be one of the most,  “new-money-minded” moves that I see people do all the time, especially on social media. I just don’t understand…. WHY? Why does one feel a need to flex their personal net-worth? Shouldn’t that be private information? Don’t get me wrong, it is always good to see someone doing well. Who in their right mind wants to be surrounded by negative and unhappy people? Energy attracts like energy. With that being said: This article is not intended to tear down anyone’s success. This is about a common action that I see and just don’t understand. I want to understand. I encourage anyone to comment at the end of this post… Also, I am not throwing shade at the strippers. As a matter of fact, lets leave them out of this one. This is strictly about “the ego”. Just think about it genuinely: Why is there a need to flash your money to everyone? How does this boost the ego? Why is it necessary for some folks to show what they have? That’s personal… The satisfaction of knowing your own net-worth or bank statement info as a secret is suspenseful! It seems like people no longer live by the old-fashioned G code of silence.  I remember my grandmother telling me to keep my money out of sight. WISE WORDS…

I can’t speak for all women but I can surely speak for myself -a non-gold digging perspective. If a guy is trying to talk to me and he feels a need to show his money or treat his money like dirt in front of me, it is an automatic turn off and it raises several flags for me. I also associate this action with one’s level of maturity. I will always see this as a “poor-man mentality” or “juvenile” action regardless of how many zero’s are in your bank account. It also looks equally as bad when a woman does it. These are the type of thoughts that begin to flow through my mind:

  • making-it-rainDo you have low self-esteem?
  • Why does this person purposely want that to be seen?
  • Is he slick trying to buy the p*ssy? (in reference to a man trying to  “mac”)
  • They must have never really had money…
  • Has anyone ever told this person “No”?
  • This that “Grown Man”/”Grown woman”
  • Can you invest that wad? Are you financially savvy or do you just splurge in the moment?

I’m sorry Ross but Money does not make me cum. It’s true that a woman doesn’t want a broke man but, a real lady that is about her business would be more interested in growing her own personal net-worth on her own verses looking for a dude with money or even worst, trying to trap someone with a baby. However, in 2014 “Thot culture” is real… From a dating perspective, what kind of mate do you think you will attract by flashing bills? <———- That question applies to both men and women.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving financial freedom. I dig that. If you are that “well off” that you can throw money to the wind and make it drizzle, then hey….Good for you. But why chose to do that? Why not be more financially savvy, or  a humanitarian, or donate to charity if you don’t already. Put that on blast, not your cash. Worshiping cash has gotten to be redundant and it looks super cheesy. There is nothing wrong with being proud of yourself because of what you are earning but  Why aren’t we glorifying community building with some of these wads? Not saying that “rain makers” or “thunder clouds” are wrong to be proud of themselves. I’m just wondering why do we glorify this? This is deeper than rap music…. You can’t blame everything on Hip Hop. Some of us are parents. Children are watching. Regardless of anything, one day we will all get old… One day, my daughter’s generation will be the leaders of the world. They will be responsible for being financially afloat. This “poor man” mentality is going to screw us up as a whole in the long run if we don’t really pay attention to what we are doing and the example that we are putting out there in the open. Think about it.

b.girlDo you have low self-esteem?

Real talk… I say this because, I don’t understand why a lot of men do this to attract women. Damn, do you want a financial  black hole of a spouse or jump-off sucking the life out of you? Is a potential money hungry baby mama from hell the move? I’m just saying, in this age, we are having way to many “oops” situations happening and at the end of the day, it’s sad when an innocent soul get produced only as a source of a money trap. Why on earth would a “man” want me to see his cash like that?  When I see a man flashing or just throwing money for no absolute reason, I wonder how does he really feel about himself. It’s even worse when a female does it. Is the ability to make it rain the new…. Hell… I don’t know…

Why does this person want to purposely be seen like that?

Is this a relevancy complex? I thought more money brought along more problems. When you have money and everyone knows it, you attract a different kind of element to you. Is this low-key  showing off your class status? Why does everyone need to know that they can hollar at you for a few bucks?? Unless if you are a loan shark, you are signaling that you are the perfect lick, target, or loaner to somebody…

Is he slick trying to buy the P*ssy?

I’m sorry but this does enter my mind. If a man approaches me on some: “hello, excuse me miss” I can’t help but think he wants something if he low-key flashes a wad. Why would a man try to get a woman’s number or better yet, why would a man want to attract a woman that will only or mostly likely only give him the time of day because she saw dollars? In a world laced in LSD, I guess this would make sense.

You must never really had money?

Old money don’t flash like that. Showing off is not gangsta. That shows that you have a big-ass mouth, PERIOD. At least, that’s how I see it. Billionaires are gangsta! I say this because most of the general populations do not know who they are out side of annual “world net-worth” reports that are publish in business or “intellectual” publications.

Has anyone ever told you, “No”?

If not, this smells like disaster already… “No” isn’t always a pleasant word but sometimes, “No” is what we need. When you push off cash or try to be seen with it in a certain manner. I am forced to believe that you are used to buying things like “false respect” or even worse…. A person who hasn’t been told “No” is an unbalanced individual. “No” can be harsh and realistic. Just think about it, If Michael Jackson was told “No” maybe he would still be here….


I conclude my thoughts by saying this. There is nothing wrong with celebrating “self”.  If we as society did that more, maybe people would be a little more happy and fulfilled. It is when we forget to celebrate self that we forget that we are people. We are living and breathing and that alone is a good enough reason to give thanks and celebrate you.  However, as I stated before, I just don’t understand the want to flash a wad, make it rain, and throw away money especially when you have things such as the water crisis going on in Detroit and the rise of the homeless toll in America…. I wonder what it is going to be like when cash becomes obsolete.