yahoo-voicesFor a writer, breaking into the field of journalism isn’t an easy task. It is so easy to get discouraged and turned off when you are trying to break into this industry. If you don’t have a bomb connection or personal cheer leading team rooting for you and bringing you attention (traffic), Breaking as a credible writer in today’s society will make you virtually stir crazy. Yahoo Voices made it a little bit easier. This week, Yahoo announced that they are doing away with Yahoo Voices. It’s a sad day… MOMENT OF SILENCE.

Yahoo voice was revolutionary because, it allowed freelance journalist like myself the opportunity to publish on Yahoo for free. However, that wasn’t the beauty of Yahoo Voices. Getting paid for your articles was the icing on the cake and not to mention, you get credit for your contribution. There are so many websites that journalist can post on such as Street Articles to grow their readership but when it comes down to getting paid, it’s a whole ‘nother ball game.

Yahoo will be pulling the plug on July 30th at 11:38pm. The official contributors network will be axed in August. Yahoo will be sending the last checks to their contributors in the coming months. This only makes it harder to escape the “Google takeover.” Networks like this (outside of google) are needed.  Pretty soon, writers will not be able to go outside of Google to make money online. That is a huge deal I’ll give the Google Take over a complete 5 years to take full effect.

*to all my contributors: Don’t worry, Yahoo is sending checks in the mail this month*