Let’s be real…. In 2014, we have back tracked. We have somehow found ourselves slowly reverting back to life pre-1960’s America. Police Brutality, Injustices, and Racism, are all being used as a weapon. If you are connected, you cannot escape the visuals and headlines narrating the times that we are living in. Names like: Oscar Grant, Sean Bell, Eric Garner, Jordan Davis, Trayvon Martin,  Amadou Dialo, Kendrick Johnson, and most recently, Michael Brown trend and flood our social media timelines. It’s hard NOT to know what is going on. Michael Brown was an 18-year-old African American student of Ferguson, Missouri, that was gunned down for absolutely NO REASON. I’m sorry, but there is no other way to call it than what it is… The police blatantly murdered Mike Brown execution style. He was unarmed and wasn’t considered dangerous by any means. He complied with the officer. He had his hands up and he yelled, “Don’t Shoot”. He was gunned down anyway. As a result, the people of  Ferguson, Missouri have been taking it to the streets and rioting ever since. Enough is Enough.

Before I even go in, I have to say this: Like the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case, the “law”  moved extremely slow with an initial reaction to this crime. Why is it that the public had to wait nearly a week before developments started coming out in reference to the murder of Michael Brown. In any other situation, if there is a record of a 911 call, that is released almost instantly. Why is it that we had to demand this?  Law Enforcement moved “turtle-slow” when it came down to informing us of everything, including: The officers name, the number of times Michael Brown had been shot, Why he had been shot, What the officer wanted with Michael and his friend, etc.  This is clearly turning into a scripted situation and salt will be thrown all over Michael Brown’s name… Therefore, I personally  do not believe every report that I read or video that I see. However, I do believe the below testimony of his friend. He was with Michael Brown the day that he was killed. They were walking back from the store together.

If you are black in Amerikkka, you cannot ignore that feeling that is somewhere deep down in your gut telling you: Life as we know it is no longer what it was. This is bigger  than The Watts Riots  of 1992. The wrongful death of Michael Brown seems to be the event that has everyone as a whole saying, “Come on now!” Over the past few years we have watched  the police outright MURDER our people. We even used our dollars to patronize the film “Fruitvale Station” which told the story of Oscar Grant’s wrongful death at the hands of police. When will we as people say, “enough is enough, what can I proactively do?” When will we get together collectively and create solutions? That dialog and planning is needing. This is an all-out war going on… The people of Ferguson, MO have been going in ever since Michael Brown was murdered. There were several eyewitnesses that saw it and several have come forward, some with their own footage of Michael’s lifeless body in the street, exposed for everyone to see. Looting has been occurring and businesses have been destroyed. Tear gas has been used and people (including journalists) have been arrested for protesting. What I don’t understand is, why is it that when we get mad, we destroy our own communities? What sense does that make? People got to get a little bit smarter. The local National Guard has been called in and day by day, Ferguson looks more war-torn. We are getting a peek of Marshall Law.

“Given these deliberate, coordinated and intensifying violent attacks on lives and property in Ferguson, I am directing the highly capable men and women of the Missouri National Guard … in restoring peace and order to this community,” Gov. Jay Nixon said in a statement.

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mike-brownThe autopsy report states that Michael Brown was shot a total of six times. Two of those shot were to the head. One of the bullets went through his eye and exit through his shoulder. He was also shot at the very top of his head. With just those two injuries alone, it is very apparent the the officer Darren Wilson was not shooting to wound. He was shooting to kill. Local eyewitnesses are saying that the cop shot Michael Brown in the face and even walked up on him while he was down and shot him some more. I believe it. I believe that he is a victim of premeditated murder. He is an “example”. I do not believe that Michael Brown robbed a convenience store just before he was murdered. If that were the case, they would have said that one day one, not day later. Now, I do believe that he went to the store for a ‘rello and goodies… You have to question to store footage that is “finally” coming to light as well. If Michael Brown walked to this store, he most likely patronized this establishment on a regular basis-meaning that there is plenty of footage of Michael in the store. So, one: Why would he rob an establishment that knows his face? That doesn’t even make sense. He was going to college…. I’m just saying. Two: is the footage that has been presented the correct footage from the day that he died? We must question everything. We cannot let this one RIDE.

The majority of us aren’t products of the movement. We are after the movement. We are the generation after the marches and “we shall overcomes'”.  We are the generation that didn’t have to worry about things like discrimination at a public restroom or fountain. The average black person has dealt with racism at one point in their life but not really daily. The majority of us never saw “strange fruit” hanging from the trees in actual life…For the young generation, we are in new territory, even though the civil rights movement wasn’t long ago.

When rapper Young Jeezy heard about what was going on, he immediately set out for Ferguson, MO. He said that he simply had to see what was going on. This is him at the Quiktrip gas station that was destroyed in the riots. This situation is real and raw. You cannot ignore this. Rapper J. Cole even wrote a moving tune dedicated to Michael Brown entitled “Be Free” that fits the tones. Black America is on FIRE.