When I first heard that they were actually going to let Bobby Christina do a reality show, I immediately though, “Oh Lawd, what are we really about to see”? I remember watching, “Being Bobby Brown in shock and amazement. ” The Houston’s On our Own” is like “Being Bobby Brown” 2.0 on crack with absolutely no filter.


I checked out the first two episodes online. I didn’t really have any intentions of watching the show. However, twitter changed my mind. Everyone was talking about it. I had to check out the madness was all about.  After watching and cringing through two episodes, this is how I feel about it:

First off, Bobby Kristina was so high, she was almost a zombie. I don’t know what was worst: The fact that there wasn’t 2 minutes worth of “sober” Bobbi Kris, or the fact that her family members “put on” like they had no idea the girl was zooted out of her mind. Her speech was slurred nearly the whole time and her eyes stayed low. If the girl would have slurred her words any harder, she would have started drooling… I’M JUST SAYIN’….

The boyfriend naturally wierds me out. Let’s be real, any young man dating Bobbi Kristina is going to automatically be watched under a magnifying glass. She is the daughter of both Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. The world remember what watching their relationship was like. It’s almost like, people are expecting to see history repeat with her daughter. The fact that people look forward to seeing a crazy demise is sickening. However, on a real tip, there is something about her dude that I am just not feeling.

her mother hasn’t even been gone for a year. It is waaaaay too soon to even think about filming a reality show, let alone doing it. I almost feel like she is being exploited. That girl just lost her mother and on top of that, it was a messed up death that everyone is still talking about. Imagine how much pressure is on her to do well. Now imagine that pressure combined with her upbringing. Granted, I don’t know 100 percent of what her childhood was like outside of, “Being Bobby Brown”. However, I’ve seen just enough to formulate a sound opinion.

During the first two episodes, I’ve seen her aunt watch her have a glass of wine on a few occasions. Her aunt responds like it’s the worse thing in the world and that she doesn’t approve and she is not going to stand for it yet, she watches her down that same glass of wine in less than 60 seconds and doesn’t say anything. GET REAL…

I hope to God that this young lady will get her life on track…

Watch the first two episodes here: