Why are we watching this horrible downfall? What are we getting out of it? It’s like watching a train wreck. When Nadya Suleman first shocked the world with her pregnancy of octuplets  in 2009. Not only was this woman carrying 8 babies, she already had 6 kids waiting on her  at the house. To add insult to injury, there is no father in the situation. She is a single parent by choice. She conceived all of these babies through in-vitro fertilization.

Human life is real and serious even before infancy. I wonder do people still understand that this day in age. It’s like we’re living at a time where pregnancy is regarded more as an accessory rather than a  real life changing experience. Everyday someone is looking “Cute and Pregnant” *snap snap*.  When I see more and more news stories about middle school girls making pregnancy pacts and posing for pictures like it’s okay, i’m forced to wonder.  If her name was LaTasha or  Keesha, The government would have been auctioning her babies off into the foster system before they even left the womb. Now, isn’t that some UGLY truth. There is nothing sound or sane about this whole situation. You mean to tell me that you’re only aspiration is life is to pop out a bunch of children that you can’t afford to take care of nor keep up with? Who dreams of growing up having a whole bunch of illegitimate babies and living off the system. Why hasn’t this woman SERIOUSLY been evaluated?

I’ll never understand a society that accepts this. Am I the only person that thinks that there is something mentally CUT OFF with this woman? Other than her obvious plastic surgery enhancements, this woman, talks completely irrational. Not to mention that she is milking  “US”, the average tax paying citizen, to take care of her family. Why isn’t anyone else upset or disturbed over this. There isn’t enough nanny’s to make this situation okay, I’M SORRY. I just can’t sit back and fake the funk”.

No human being in their right mind opts to have 14 kids on their own with no father or career. I’m not surprised that she is now doing porn to take care of her kids. vivid Entertainment is releasing her big porn-screen debut this summer. I bet MADD MONEY that people are just waiting to see the octomom bust is WIDE OPEN. eww

How long can we sit back and watch this go down? We all knew in the back of our minds that when we first heard this story, it was going to be a matter of time before things went left. It only took 3 years. Since the government obviously isn’t going to step in to much outside of food stamps, it seems like she is going to keep her kids… Oprah, Bill Gates, or Donald Trump needs to go ahead and write her a sympathy check so she can get straight. I’m scared for her children. What are they going to be like in their adult life. I mean damn, to be a part of a family of thirteen and have a mother that is a pornstar is too much.Her family, regardless of how right or wrong it is, is a part of our future. When I retired, it will be their generation that will be running things. Honestly… I’M SCARED AS HELL.