When I first heard of this cannibalism incident in Florida I thought, “They’re here” I literally got an eerie feeling when I read the details to this story. In South Florida A man was found eating the face of a homeless man. Mind you, he was naked and had already raped the poor  guy. The cops had to shoot him several times in order to kill him because he could not be subdued and he was growling like and animal. Like….. What the hell is really going on? After this case broke in the news, The term “bath salts” began to trend. I had to look into what this was. When I initially heard that “bath salts” is the newest drug to hit the streets, I scratched my head. For a moment, like everyone else, I thought that people were so hard up for a high that they began to smoke bath salts. THAT’S JUST DAMN DUMB AND DISGUSTING. I was  wrong. This is a new, synthetic drug that is making people flip out in unseen ways. The attacker from this incident in Florida was supposedly high off of “Bath Salt” when he decided to start eating faces.  That’s the reason why he lost his mind…

A few days later, another incident happens in Maryland. A college student kills his roommate/lover and then eats his heart and part of his brain after he dismembered his body. Then to add another twist to the story, buddy mails off severed body parts to local Canadian politicians.What in the hell do you have to prove? Just say it… The cannibal was also a porn star that acted in both straight and gay films. From his pictures, he looks crazy. There was no mention of “bath salt” in this case. Nope, this fool is just nasty n psychotic.

I’ll say this before and I’ll say it again. Zombie do not exist outside of the Hollywood silver screen. In my personal opinion, it’s 2012 and people really stopped giving a rip. People are doing the unthinkable and letting it all hang out with no shame or remorse. This is the world we’re living in. I thought that it was absolutely absurd when I first heard the word “Zombie” be used seriously in a news report. Just call it what it is. We’re in the age of lawless living.

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