Courtesy of Atlanta Blackstar

In 2016, there are some things that ‘black’ people are still doing that leaves me questioning. I often times find myself scratching my head when I hear about “peaceful protests”, “die-ins”, etc. I have grown to a point to where I realize that , I really don’t  have anything to say. However, when I saw that black people actually got together to crash the Stone Mountain Klan party or “gathering” I reacted…COME ON NOW! What was that supposed to prove?  My people are thinking ass backwards on this. I said it before and I’ll say it again: REVOLUTION IS AN EVOLUTIONARY THING.

From one sista to all of my people, there is no kind way to say this:


My people, we have got to start thinking with logic and stop going off of emotion. That’s the shit that will get you killed. As a matter of fact, emotional manipulation is one of the greatest war/control tactics ever. For those who don’t really know, or realize, Stone Mountain itself is a symbol of white supremacy. Like everything else, the Europeans stole this from the Native Americans. The Klan has been  there since 1915. There is a huge mural carved  into the mountain paying homage to the forefathers of the confederacy. Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and Jefferson Davis all serve as faces of oppression for black people. This mural is the back drop to the park’s famous laser show. You know, the same laser show that dozen upon dozens of black people patronize during the summer? Let’s keep it all the way real.

Why do black people care about this pointless tradition that has been going on for generations at Stone Mountain? Negroes got sooooo angry that the Stone Mountain KKK shindig was jumping off, they decided to make flyers proclaiming that they were going to the mountain to stop…. What? Supporting small family owned businesses, or mobilizing in our own communities, would have been far more productive than charging to the top of the mountain to scream on ignorant ‘white’ people who are angry about their lack of melanin. Furthermore, if you patronize Stone Mountain on a regular basis, own season passes, attend your company “picnic” at Stone Mountain Park, or even walk the mountain for exercise… You are a contradiction if you took place in this foolishness.

Why are black people mad?  How does getting mad change anything?  Confederate states were deeply rooted in slavery. There are well known  slave masters plastered on that rock.  Are we surprised or angered by this little known fact? White supremacists have been doing whatever they want with, and on, this mountain since the ‘Trail of Tears’. Them same supremacists forced the Natives away from their land. Thousands had to uproot our families. Tribal nations were relocated to the midwest. Did protesters seek to accomplish any -GOTDAMN-thing more than getting arrested and making the news?

I can’t help but think that… We just want to fight. We want to physically fight because we are tired and frustrated. For the most part, a lot of us have grown up with no ceilings. We are not used to  living in this highly charged racial climate.

 People, we must do better than this shit right here…