booty1This look like it hurts…. This looks like it will lead to future health complications… Since “ass” has hit the market, the phenomenon and craze with the lower female anatomy has only grown insanely out of  control. I can understand not being blessed in that area and wanting to do something about it but DAMN. What about the gym? What about cornbread and collard greens? What about more sex? I’m just saying…. Since expanding the booty has became a reality, more and more chicks are expanding their rear ends at alarming rates. There are so many “everyday” women who are now packing so much booty, my back hurts for them, YIKES.  Often times, I’ll see a pencil thin lady walking around with a plus sized booty. It looks heavy and like it will cave the lower back in. Especially when a lot of these chicks have legs so tiny. There is no way that the body can naturally support that amount of weight for too long. I wonder how the bone and joint health will be like in these women once they make it past their prime.

Women are so desperate to get these shots they are they taking to “homemade doctors”. In once case, a transgendered woman was busted in Miami, Florida for these fake injections. Instead of silicon, she was injecting cement into their bodies. Imagine walking around with a heavy concrete ass all because you were so thirsty to get a booty. With all the craze surrounding plastic surgery I wonder, does anyone ever talk about loving and accepting your body for what it is? People are so quick to go under the knife to “have this” or “look like so and so”, I see more people walking around looking plastic.

The transgendered "doctor"

The transgendered “doctor”

Secondly, look at this picture of this “doctor”. Clearly, you were taking a HUUUUUUUGGGGGEEEEE risk if you had faith in her “practice” . You have got to be smoking crack to get some “work” done by her. Look at her body. A red flag should have went off when you looked at her and found out that she was a “doctor”. The gun should have fired in you ear when you found out that her fluke practice was set up at the house…

black-32085I have read a few threads online of people posting questions and talking about their experience with these injections. These shots may seem okay and make the booty more appealing, but they do come at a cost. I have read stories of some negative side affects being discoloration, crater booty, hard cheeks,  and itching. I have also read in some cases, these things called, Granulomas can form.  these are basically a collection of immune cells that form when they are fighting something foreign that doesn’t belong in your body ie. silicon. As with everything, there is a risk. How much is a full round booty really worth?