“The Game”, a spin off of “Girlfriends,” had unexpectedly grown to become one of my favorite shows at one point in time. This edgy sitcom originally started out on UPN network. It even survived the huge WB/UPN merger and seemed  to still be successful on it’s new “CW” Network home. When the network change happened, the show changed a little bit, but not to much, it was still entertaining. The character development and story lines only grew stronger.

To no one’s surprise the CW Network went off the air a few years after its launching. Some sitcoms were picked up by other networks but not all.  Both “The Game” and it’s sister show, “Girlfriends”  did not get picked up. Black sitcoms were slowly being phased out and this was another direct blow.  Show patrons were outraged. Girlfriends had been on the air for 8 seasons, and while everyone was upset about how it ended without a proper wrap up, people were more heated that they only got 3 seasons out of The Game. The show was getting extra good. The plug was pulled way too soon and people were pissed.

After petitioning to get the show back on television, the people proved to be victorious in getting their demands. The Game was coming back with all of the original cast members. This was the first show in history to ever be brought back with all of it’s original people due to the outcry of wanting more. The Game’s new network home was BET. When I first heard this news I remember thinking, “Yaaaaay” then almost immediately “How is this going to go?”

The Game has done 2 seasons on BET in which, I have watched most of the episodes. I can honestly and openly say that I absolutely hate the show now.  After I publish this post, I’ll probably never watch another episode of it again. Sorry BET, I try to support but I cannot support the downfall of this show with my viewership any longer. If the quality of the show was going to nose dive like this , I would have rather been mad along with the rest of America instead or disappointed on this level.

the storyline has completely declined and now some of my favorite characters are now annoying. Jason Pits was a character that I grew to love. He’s the “matured football athlete that loves white women and football. He’s also ridiculously CHEAP. His  dry sense of humor and sarcasm definitely molded parts of the show in the past. However, there was one episode that he did on season 5 that I found airhead and offensive. I believe it was titled, “I didn’t know I was black” or something corny like that. THAT SHIT WAS HELLA WACK! I honestly hate what they are doing with Malik. It was Season 3 of The Game that inspired me to write a treatment in hopes of another spin off from this spin off.  So much for that now… Seeing the dimming light on this show makes me just want to say FUKK IT. The Game was good before BET got it. I hate to say that but that’s real. One of my favorite black sitcoms is DEAD.  It’s just a matter of time before they finally take The Game off of the respirator COMPLETELY.

Tasha mac is still one of my favorite characters. Even with the ship going down, Wendy Rachel Robinson still makes us laugh and wows us with Tasha Mac’s Cut- throat realism.  Even though I love her, watching just her alone isn’t enough to keep me as a viewer. The writing has completely went LEFT after taking a RIGHT at the corner store… Just a few days ago, the media is reporting that BET let go of Pooch Hall and Tia Mowry. Those are the two main character, THE REASON WHY THE GAME IS EVEN A SPIN OFF!!!