5 Reasons why the Black Community needs to reconnect with Courting.

“Courting”. It is a word that you do not hear today. In fact, most of us either do not know the word and if we are only familiar with the term, it is because of our elders. As time progressed, we have transitioned from “courting” to “Netflix n chill” , “cut some”, and “Chillin at the house”.  Are the days of dating with a righteous purpose over? Is everybody just horny beasts that only want to […]

Expectations and Greater Growth

   Expectations. Some of us have none. But most don’t have awareness of the ones they have. Plenty of us have too many expectations. Sometimes our wants cloud our thoughts. There will always be needs. When deciphering between necessity and wish, things can get complicated. Life is to be lived. It’s natural to share. Yet, it takes an unbelievable amount of effort to make a shared existence happen. We didn’t think it could. But, sometimes […]

Worthy Woman Waves

A man behaves a certain way when he has a worthy woman in his life. Once he has this exposure, the growth will show. This will lead to a change. Life will never be the same. There is so much we can attain. Many view the deferring to a woman’s wishes as weak. Being the quality complement is key. Proper understanding of a woman’s energy is wisdom. Learning to work with the ebb and flow […]

Conversation: Relationships

There is much social conversation blog talk radio stations, channels – self help and manuals, with content targeting the topic of relationships.  Women and men and what needs to change…solutions and ways…”Tune in today for the top 5 list! More advice to be given…another group to join in”. It’s informative, i get it. Yet, I would like to see more of these healthy relationships. The action of it…to view it being lived. The gurus that […]

Please don’t call me “Sexy” if you don’t know me…

Whenever someone uses the term “sexy”  I automatically hear the word “sex”. I don’t hear the “y”ending.  Whenever a guy that I do not know approaches me and he says something like, “Hey sexy.” Or “How you doing, sexy?”, even though there may be complimentary intentions, it does not come across that way. I can’t speak for all women because we are all wired so differently, but I can speak for me. I personally get […]