Why Cisco needs to bring back the Flip Camera.

In 2011, I was really having fun and finding my place in the world both artistically and as a writer. I had just started Kharma’s World two years prior in June of 2009. The only reason why I even started KW was because I needed a website to showcase my music and spoken word and I really did not have the budget to afford a good web developer. Journalism really didn’t have anything to do […]

Gun Control tactics: the attack on your 2nd Amendment right

We have all heard the old adage, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Many of us have even used it before meaningfully. Now, with all the gun violence that is being publicized in the news, it seems as though “the guns” is doing all of the killing. Today, there is an attack on our 2nd amendment right, which is our right to bare arms.” The gun control tactics are getting to be even crazier. […]

APS: The cost of Black life according to Amerikkka

It is safe to say that in America, you can be a white man and have sex with children (Jared Fogle) and only get a slap on the wrist for it, yet you can be a black educator convicted of helping your students “cheat “through a pointless and draining standardized test (APS Cheating Scandal) and be axed for life. Keep in mind, No Child Left behind  is designed to really keep our kids behind. It is NOT […]

Kim Davis and Rosa Parks? There is no comparison.

  In Rowan County Kentucky, a court clerk by the name of Kim Davis has caused quite a stir. She has made national news all because she refuses to issue marriage license to same-sex couples. Keep in mind that the Supreme Court has recently ruled for gay marriage to be legal in all 50 states. Kim Davis feels that this does not apply to her because it pretty much interferes with “God’s law”. Plus there […]

Why I stopped doing independent artist exclusives

  When I first started Kharma’s world 6 years ago, I used to do indie-artist exclusives. This is when I would basically take an independent artist and have an open and honest conversation with them on record for my readers to view. I would transcribe their words verbatim and ask all kinds of questions. Exclusives are deep and personal. I used to love doing them because of the fact that they were so intimate and […]

Fukk your morals, just “slut-shame” your damn self!

  I am convinced that my mind has got to be the size of a sweet pea. I just don’t understand… As a matter of fact… Whhhhhhhhhyyyyyy? I am all for activism and creativity, but as an artist myself, I have truly failed to comprehend both Amber Rose and Blac Chyna’s wardrobe choice to MTV’s 2015 VMA’s. REALLY!!! What kind of statement are you making? This is as bad as Nicki Minaj Slapping the words, “Lookin’ […]

Fatback Shea Butter

  They are loading our Shea Butter with animal fat… You read correctly. The above picture is my actual proof. When I first looked at the white, greasy substance that miraculously appeared in my container, I thought: “This looks like the grease that builds up when you leave a cooked roast in the refrigerator overnight.” I didn’t know how right I was… Cosmetically For most, this butter is an all-natural, topical  alternative that many of us […]