In 2011, I was really having fun and finding my place in the world both artistically and as a writer. I had just started Kharma’s World two years prior in June of 2009. The only reason why I even started KW was because I needed a website to showcase my music and spoken word and I really did not have the budget to afford a good web developer. Journalism really didn’t have anything to do with it. Becoming a professional writer or blogger was the furthest thing from my mind, even though my grandmother used to tell me that I was going to be a journalist one day. My objective changed soon after I started learning the trade of Web Development. I actually enjoyed it.After Kharma’s World was created, I wanted to contribute more to the world outside of music and poetry. I wanted to contribute my opinion based on facts. Hence, a street journalist was born. After becoming more of an investigator, I soon found that I need a tool outside of my cellphone. I needed something that was reliable, easy to use, and of good quality. That year I discovered the flip camera. I thought my life was complete until Cicso discontinued the Flip Camera shortly after.

I Thought that the flip camera would stay around forever. From my personal experience, it still is/was a great product. After using it, I was convinced of how great of a product it was. What I love about the Flip camera was the fact that it shot in 1080P, it was light weight, and it also had great sound quality without picking up every little thing. The fact that it fit perfectly in the palm of my hand was also a plus. This camera wasn’t too big and clunky and it wasn’t ridiculously small. As a street journalist and artist, I am on the go quite often.  The convenience of the Flip camera helps me more today now that I am a mother and blogger.

The best part about it was I purchased my flip camera brand new from Best Buy for only 100 bucks at the time. That was the best 100 dollars I ever spent. I truly cannot get over the quality that this little camera possess. With this small camera I was able to record some pretty big things that looks as if they were done by super high quality expensive Nikkon or Cannon camera. I am speaking from experience. As I write this article, I can’t help wishfully think and hope that Cisco will consider re-continue on the Flip camera, and if not can I please get explanation as to why the company decided to scrap this concept.

Bring it back and Re-brand it

I feel as though the Flip camera should be re-branded and marketed. Focus the new Flip camera towards independent artists and bloggers. There is a huge never-ending market for both. From that perspective the Flip camera is actually ingenious and it will save these people money. I know from personal experience. If you are an artist and you need to get video footage of yourself performing or whatever, it will be so much more convenient to have a flip camera accessible to get your footage quickly. The world needs Cisco to quit playing and bring a new generation Flip camera to us.

Also, everyone does not own an iphone and everyone isn’t super tech savvy. There is still a market for this camera (a huge one if you ask me). Keep in mind that that was only two different demographics that I just listed. There are more. Refocus the brand on people who may not necessarily have the financial resources to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a camera, but can at least afford a flip camera. Bring this camera back along with a few Millennial’s that will help make it pop with creative advertising and marketing.


I would add a front facing camera on a new generation Flip camera. I would also add a feature giving consumers different filters to choose from while filming. This would enhance the the user experience on a positive note. Also, the idea of a port for a microphone hook up isn’t a bad idea as well.

Cisco, please consider doing a new generation Flip camera.