HELL NAW. You really thought Darren Wilson wasn’t gonna walk?

  You actually believed that Officer Darren Wilson was going to “pay” for this crime?  The death of the Civil Rights Movement has left Black America in such a tailspin, that you actually watched the news and believed  in your heart that the US Government was really going to charge one of their own for carrying out a planned  assignment. Oh my God…. THE WORLD IS SMOKIN’ CRACK! Let’s be real, the Trayvon Martin verdict […]

Noooo…. All this time, Bill Cosby was a Perv?

    America is on FIRE right now. Immigration is a hot button topic that is going on literally TODAY. While we were so busy watching Scandal and How to get away with Murder, our government is doing just that as we speak. However, we are too blinded by the latest “example/distraction thrown in our face. Bill Cosby has to be having the week from hell.  Early this week, several women, including famed supermodel Janice […]

Welcome to Walmart

Walmart was around decades before I was born.  Growing up in the small, rural town of Whiteville, North Carolina, Walmart was the only major attraction. This was way before the Super Center. Everyone in town used to join up and meet there  or bump into each other at random on any given day. In my mind as a little girl, I didn’t think that there would be anything greater than this store. They sold everything […]

Facebook Fasting

Facebook fasting is necessary… I have been wanting to do a post on Facebook for a while. The social media site has literally become everything in ten years. Whether you love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. The social networking equation is only going to get deeper. It all started with Myspace. Myspace was a new phenomenon that connected all kinds of people together worldwide. This was bigger than America Online […]

Information vs. Mis-information : The satirical news site.

The information age proved to be a revolutionary thing for the people when it first arrived. we could easily learn about what is going on around us faster than we ever could before. The internet completely changed our way of thinking and soon after it’s introduction, society’s quality of life grew to be even more plush and “promising”. The 21st century is a lazy person’s dream. I remember really getting to know the internet in […]

The GMO Truth: What is a GMO??

“GMO” is an acronym that we are slowly but surely beginning to see and hear more and more as time progresses. We see it on some of our food packaging. Things like, “Non- GMO ingredients” on some packaging is enough to make even the most nonchalant and absent-minded people question: What is a GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) and are they harmful to your health? Let’s break down the term in “regular talk” first.  “Genetically Modified […]