brainThe information age proved to be a revolutionary thing for the people when it first arrived. we could easily learn about what is going on around us faster than we ever could before. The internet completely changed our way of thinking and soon after it’s introduction, society’s quality of life grew to be even more plush and “promising”. The 21st century is a lazy person’s dream. I remember really getting to know the internet in the mid-90’s, around 1993/1994.  Flash forward 20 years later to 2014 and this technological phenomenon has grown in ways unimaginable.

With all growth, comes a few issues and arising problems. So much information has gotten out over the years, it seems that a certain amount  of BS has to be intentionally put out to balance, yet and still, confuse everyone. I say this because of satire “news” sites  that are getting a lot of shares on social media. A lot of false information is always reported on these sites. I’ll never forget reading false headlines like: “Rapper Lil Wayne is HIV+”, “Walmart to stop taking Food Stamps”, or ” The Ebola virus is turning the dead into Zombies”.   In 2014, the satirical news site is worse than the crummy tabloid papers with the crazy Jesus picture in front of a fireball back drop at the cash register at the grocery store. We are learning how the people have been under attack for years. Ev      erything from bio-chemical to  environmental warfare tactics  have been used on us without of even knowing in most cases. Just thinking about it: Why would someone create a fake news and then try to circulate it as if it is real for the masses to see and share? That sounds like a tactic. After doing some research, I have put together a list of some of the top satire news sites feeding us bogus stories for views…

25 Top Satirical News Sites
  1.  National Report –
  2. The Daily Currant
  3. The Borowitz Report
  4. The Onion
  5. Super Tuesday News
  6. Empire Sports
  7. Huzlerz
  8. Empire News
  9. World News Daily Report
  10. The USPatriot
  11. El Deforma
  12. The Daily Steeple
  13. Truth Broadcast Network
  14. Christ Wire
  15. The hummus News
  16. Daily Buzz Live
  17. Federdalist Post
  18. Free Patriot
  19. EU Times
  20. Global Research
  21. Liberty News
  22. Press Tv
  23. Political Blindspot
  24. The Cream BMP
  25. Redflag News