America is on FIRE right now. Immigration is a hot button topic that is going on literally TODAY. While we were so busy watching Scandal and How to get away with Murder, our government is doing just that as we speak. However, we are too blinded by the latest “example/distraction thrown in our face. Bill Cosby has to be having the week from hell.  Early this week, several women, including famed supermodel Janice Dickinson, have come forth with explosive rape allegations that have completely assassinated the wholesome Cliff Huxtable  image that Bill Cosby has been known for for decades. Who would have ever thought that the man infatuated with tacky sweaters and jello was really a sexual predator (assuming that there is some truth to these allegations).  Either way, everyone has been waiting to see, “What is Bill gonna say”, only to find that Mr. Cosby hasn’t really said or done much of  anything outside of lose endorsements and a production deal for a new Cosby sitcom. I find this very odd from someone who was so outspoken  just years ago about what is wrong with the Black Community. Why is Bill so quite now?

I never intended to write this article.  Let’s be real, the media and public opinion has done enough to Bill Cosby over this past week. However, as a woman, a survivor of rape, I MUST SPEAK OUT ON THIS ONE.  After watching Bill-Cosby-statues all over Facebook, I learned to look past them very quickly and for good reason.  Lets be real, it seems like they are trying to   kick off a race war in Ferguson, MI and the national guard is being sent in. I honestly chose to tune out of this Bill Cosby mess. Rape is something that I don’t like to talk about and I personally can’t take watching it be re-enacted in film. On the evening of Thursday, November 20, 2014 a particular status caught my eye and instantly brought me to another level. I personally do not know this person but his status was saying something to the affect of:  “Some of these women had 30,40, and 50 years to say something. Why are they saying something now, it doesn’t matter anymore.”

I never thought that I would admit it or say it out loud. Just reading the word in my article stirs up a range of emotion. This word makes me feel everything from sadness, to filth, to rage. I  refer to it as “the R word” or “that”. I never thought in a million years that I would  put my face in place of the “victim” ( I absolutely hate that word) because I was not raised to be “a victim”…  When a man takes advantage of you  and forcefully enters your body or touches you inappropriately in private areas against your will, you NEVER get over it and time does not “heal” it or take it away, that is bullshit. The memory and emotion becomes a part of you. You don’t just wake up 20 years later and forget that this happened to you. When a person violates you in that manner, they kill something inside of you. A piece of your soul is missing and you are left wondering if you will ever get it back or will you return to the person you was before you were violated. You don’t want to talk about it. You don’t want anyone asking you questions, and you certainly can’t admit the truth even to yourself. You mask yourself in this intangible pain. This is nothing to play with. This destroys the lives, self-esteem, and self-worth of many women and children.

If there is some truth to these allegations, Which is looking kinda like…..Hmmmmm, I am personally devastated not only as a fan of The Cosby Show and A Different World but as a woman.  Barbara Bowman was the first woman to come out with Allegations against the Comedian recently. She stated that she was drugged and sexually taken advantage of in 1985 at the green age of 17. At the time, Bowman was a model. She even wrote about her experience with Bill Cosby in The Washington Post. The 77-year-old Comedian and his legal team are denying anything of the sort. Ever since the first woman came out with her story about what happened, even more women came forward. What is crazy to me is the strikingly similar details in each story. The victims are saying that Cosby drugged them with a drink, next thing you know, they wake up the next morning naked.   If these allegations prove to be true, then Bill Cosby is no longer the face of America’s favorite father, he is the face of one of the world’s biggest  terrors: RAPE

I am not saying that these allegations are the truth. I am simply saying that this is something that cannot be ignored and “hushed” under the table. A lot of skeptic are asking the question, “why now”? I say, why not know. Holding that kind of pain or truth inside of you without saying anything is like slowly suffocating. The only thing is that, everyone around, people can see you but they don’t know the pressure that you feel. Could you imagine going up against the “Cliff Huxtable” machine with sexual harassment or  rape allegations at the height of the Cosby Show? Honestly, if a woman spoke her truth and  that truth just so happened to bring Bill Cosby down as a rapist, do you really think society would have her back or would we make excuses for Bill Cosby because he was known for being a positive black role model? KEEP IT 100!

Raven Simone’s name has come up in this whole mess via a satire news sites ( which also forces me to question the validity of this case). She later released a statement saying that that article was not true and  in her words, “Leave me out of this“. women have been coming forth with rape allegations against Cosby since 2004. Quick question, why is it that we are really just now hearing about it. This didn’t even come out during 2007/2008 when Cosby was going on a national rant about the black community.

I say all of that to say this: I am not saying that Bill Cosby is guilty or innocent of the accusations. What I am saying is that this shouldn’t be hushed about. Everyone who watched The Cosby Show, Fat Albert,  A different World, or any other Cosby production has the right to know the truth about America’s favorite father.

S/N: To any man who has the nerve to say, ” This allegedly happened decades ago, get over it” I would like to wish you the largest “FUKK YOU” that you could ever receive on planet earth. What if one of the victims was your mother, sister, or daughter? Would you tell her to get over it?