The Psychology behind making it rain and “Cash Flashing”

Making it rain has got to be one of the most,  “new-money-minded” moves that I see people do all the time, especially on social media. I just don’t understand…. WHY? Why does one feel a need to flex their personal net-worth? Shouldn’t that be private information? Don’t get me wrong, it is always good to see someone doing well. Who in their right mind wants to be surrounded by negative and unhappy people? Energy attracts […]

The End of Yahoo Voices (The Google Takeover)

For a writer, breaking into the field of journalism isn’t an easy task. It is so easy to get discouraged and turned off when you are trying to break into this industry. If you don’t have a bomb connection or personal cheer leading team rooting for you and bringing you attention (traffic), Breaking as a credible writer in today’s society will make you virtually stir crazy. Yahoo Voices made it a little bit easier. This […]

The 4th of July from a Black Woman’s Perspective

In reference to the 4th of July ——–> As a mother, it is my responsibility to keep it absolutely 100 with my child about: who she is, the power she naturally possess, and where she came from. By the time she can attend school (which I am already considering homeschooling) “they” are going to be depicting slavery as a wholesome experience that “bettered” the black race or some BS like that. I remember when I […]

No Child Left Behind (NCLB)

The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) act is not an attempt to reform education; it is an attempt to airbrush the crisis of America’s social condition. NCLB will not help the current state of our educational system. It has been said that, “Education is a reflection of society” (Ravitch, 2008, p.19). More than 20% of American children live in poverty. That means that daily; over 14 million children are left to care for themselves. Most […]

Detroit Water Crisis: The Spirit of “Punkassed-ness…”

After waking up in a bad mood for the third morning straight, I said that I would say something. As a journalist, a mother, a woman, a human being: I just cannot understand why People are leaving the water situation in Detroit as an issue to sweep under the rug. Where are these same people that jumped on the Bandwagon to support Hati? Where are the people that supported the citizen of New Orleans when […]

FRAUD ALERT!!!! Beware of

For a music lover, the idea of making money just to give your opinion of various songs seems divine. I mean, who doesn’t like music? So, when I was told about a website that pays people just to write reviews, I was sold. The mere thought sounded like easy money. was introduced to me. After reading how their policies and procedures work, I signed up and began reviewing tunes right away. Little did I […]