I‘ll put it like this: A Molly is the “Blue Magic” of Exstacy. If you have seen American Gangster, then you know what I mean.  A molly is the purest form on X that you can buy in the streets PERIOD.You saw what Blue Magic did to the streets…. I was forced to ask this question after hearing the phrase “molly” be referenced more and more in popular music. When I first heard “Molly”, I thought “Who is that”?!
Molly made it’s way into the US in the 90’s “allegedly”.  It got to be really popular amongst suburban and college kids. Most of us know what it’s like being a student… I’ll leave it at that. From their, it’s trickling its way into everything else. To be honest, it scares the hell outta me. IT’S WHITE!!!  IT’S A DRUG… There is no way of testing a molly to see if it’s the real deal or something else. You basically have to walk on faith whenever u take it and hope that your highness wont leave you in the upper room.