America truly cares to show how little respect they have for black people, or “African Americans” as some lames chose as a name. They insult us by remaking the classic: Roots by Alex Haley. If America was truly interested in honoring a ‘black plight’ in America, they would have just digitally remastered it; not remake it. I am bothered on a totally different level. I don’t know what’s worse: the fact that they actually did this remake or the fact that some black people will actually patronize this movie with their viewership. America is great at denying the truth and rewriting history. Dick Gregory actually called it best. He highlighted how America rewrites history in movies. I was watching a video of him on YouTube where he shared insight about the movies “Selma“, “Miles Ahead” and the Hollywood machine.. Mr. Gregory dropped jewels on how tinsel town revisions con those who do not know into believing what we are presented with.

There is nothing honorable about watching slavery in HD. I wonder if I’m the only original in America that is getting tired of seeing the new age slave depicted on T.V. screens. I might not have gone through slavery in the physical sense, however, I witness many remnants. There are plenty of  twenty-first-century reminders.  My skin complexion , which is not dark, can speak to what we endured on this continent. Black women today still deal with the psychological effects of slavery. That is not something that you just get over with a good night’s sleep or in one generation. The ramifications of pain and depravity impact plenty brown babies. We still feel the lashes that slavery mentally gave, in general.



Why a Roots Remake?

Cicely Tyson & Maya Angelou

Slavery did something to us psychologically.  Such indescribable horror altered how we raised our children. Slavery impacted how we interact with others and how we think. It’s not something to be taken lightly. When Roots first came out it was monumental. The film pissed people off, tested boundaries, and tested Hollywood. More importantly, it showed the resilience of black people. Alex Haley’s Roots told a story at a time when there was really nothing else out there. The cast from the original roots was nothing short of AMAZING. You have some people that were in this movie, even if it was only for 5 minutes, that made it such a huge impact. For instance, you have both Cicely Tyson and Maya Angelou in this movie in the very beginning before Kunta Kinte was stolen and brought over here to America. These women are brilliant. Their brilliance cannot be duplicated, no matter how many names are in a remake. You will never capture this on film again…. Not like the original…


I don’t care if your favorite rapper is in there talking like a slave.  My question is Why? Is Hollywood that damn lazy to where no one is capable of being original anymore? Are we as human beings now incapable of thinking outside of the box? What is the point of remaking Roots? Why would Hollywood even choose to honor someone on a Memorial Day with Roots? Share something remastered and put it out, not remake a classic.

This hurts my heart on a totally different level. “Queen” and Spike Lee’s version of “Malcolm X” will probably be in the same boat within the next 5 to 10 years. I may not remember any capture and imprisonment. My ancestors built America’s foundation. Yet, the complexion of my skin entertains a slavery question.  So while many of us seek to learn what the truth of our roots is, I can firmly say no History or AMC  will ever recreate what the original Roots did.