“Bitch”. It isn’t cute… It isn’t uplifting or flattering. It is actually, pretty degrading. I would say that I grew out of using the ‘B’ word as a term of endearment. However, there are women who are older than me who use the term “bitch” quite loosely. I am forced to think this is an issue that is rooted more towards self image, disregard for self respect, and no love. When I speak this word, it is with the intent of it’s creation. If I call you “Bitch”, we have a problem. If I call you a “bitch”, I do not respect you and have no regard for your life. I don’t use the word as often these days.

I saw a visual perspective on bitches from Lupe Fiasco. His song “Bitch Bad” was an all out attack on the word. That was when it all clicked for me. Lupe gave us several mind blowing view points on the word in different contexts.  Lupe brilliantly made you question… “Why?”

“Bitch Bad,
Woman good,
Lady better,
They misunderstood”

Again, black women, why? Better yet, how did we get here and why is it that we treat this word as a double entendre? It is crazy that more often times than “a lil bit”,  a woman will call her home girl a ” bitch” out of “love”, call her a ” bad bitch” if she has it going on, yet get mad if a man say, “Ey bitch, lemme holla at you.” This word has nothing to do with positive energy or the kundalini rising… The word isn’t a twisted, white supremacists interpretation of a word that was known throughout history to civilize, cultivate and grow. When this word is used, in context, towards a human being, it’s clear what it means. A bitch is a female dog and one thing you can count on a female dog to do, if they haven’t been fixed is: Go in heat, have litters of youngins, and…

Not I…nor any of the women in my social circles. I enjoy exchanges with beautiful women. We represent ourselves and one another in a highly respectable manner.  Referring to myself or my home girl as a “dog in heat” will never be complimentary to the woman that I am.  My mission in writing this article is not to go on a crusade to end the usage of this word so casually.  I just want women who speak so loosely to simply think about the true definition and ask “why?” How does this apply to your life?