Why isn’t the situation with The Sioux and the Dakota Access Pipeline getting adequate media attention? America keeps plummeting to new lows right when some thought that wasn’t possible. I can’t help but wonder… What do we as humans really care about? Is it taking a stand for real or appearing to take a stand?  Why is it that people are slow to talk about the Dakota Access Pipeline controversy, still? Naturally, I would expect for the masses to jump on this story like a wildfire and use social media to our advantage. Surprisingly, this new-aged wave of hotepers, woke folk, and Indigo Flower Children are slow to react if at all…

If you are black or brown and anxiously awaiting Thanksgiving this week and have shared the life out of the “You Name It” challenge while saying nothing about the Native Americans, You are as American as the white supremacist that swagger Jacked the US from the Moors… You need your ass beat.

Picture via Twitter @scottlinnen

Picture via Twitter @scottlinnen

It is sad that numbers of people are begging CNN to cover this issue on an international level. Instead, CNN has chosen to ride the hell out of Colin Kaepernick’s nuts along with the rest of America.  This issue has been climaxing since April 2016. Here we are, in October, and North Dakota has done everything except enact Martial Law on these people.  The government takes the side of a major oil corporation… AGAIN…

This is a violation of the Indigenous Peoples Rights Act of 1997. This pipeline is bad business all around. Not only is this situation unjust and morally wrong, the actions of the US Government have proven to be unconstitutional. In fact, the United Nations has found that the U.S. has committed clear violations.

People have been beaten, shot at, maced and tortured.  Sioux have been tased, water hosed, had guard dogs sicked on them, and have even been arrested and placed in concentration camps (y’all know CNN and FOX are telling us that). We are watching the Civil Right’s Movement all over again minus the Jim Crow signs. These people have a right to their land. They are simply protesting the right to maintain and protect the natural ecosystem that is around them. How is this wrong?

Man and technology have consistently shown how critically flawed they are with costly accidents (i.e. The BP oil spill, The Alabama Pipeline tragedy that happened a couple of months ago). When you allow an unnatural system to come in and, literally, move through nature; you open yourself up to a world of hurt. The ecosystem will always be at risk.   The wealthy, white community rejected this same pipeline project. I guess the idea of an unnatural natural disaster contaminating the lives of natives is a better option in opposition to disturbing the rich…

The 1,172 mile long, 3.7 Billion dollar pipeline  is projected to stretch across the states of: North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Illinois.