Healthcare reform has been a huge issue that has been in debate for years when it comes down to America. The fact that we are or were once considered the “Big Dog” is what this county is known for ever since it’s birth. With all of this being said, the unbearable struggle of  getting regular medical attention as needed is a DAMN shame…

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this is a problematic issue that cannot be ignored for too much longer.

I wouldn’t have a problem with the healthcare bill if it didn’t come out of my pocket in the form of more bogus taxes and fees. I am tired of paying for all of this EXTRANESS… It’s bad enough that Social Security is eating up all my bread, let’s be real, there won’t be any Social Security by the time I am old enough to draw it. Then on top of that, I find that it’s very rare that you can come across a doctor that will actually listen to you. I always say, “I know my body, I know when something isn’t right”. A lot of times these doctors barely listen to you. While you are speaking they are already formulating a medical “opinion” on you and figuring out what kind of Non-safe FDA approved drugs to put you on.  A lot of doctors simply just don’t know how to talk to people. People can actually appreciate you  being nice and compassionate when it comes down to their health. It doesn’t matter if you are in pain or not. Health is serious. Also, a lot of doctor speak as if they are in the classroom. There have been times where I have went to see a family member in the ER and had some words with the doctor. Every time I have to stop them and say, “uh, what does that mean”? I have no shame.

I said it before and i’ll say it again. GET TO KNOW YOUR HERBS PEOPLE! You’ll be surprised at the kinds of health ailments you can heal with things you already have in your own kitchen. That Cayenne pepper and garlic both are natural blood thinners. They both can help regulate high blood pressure with the proper diet and physical activity. That ginger root can sooth stomach aches and chamomile is proven to lift your spirits and mellow you out if you are too up or too down.  Seeing how the ER’s and regular doctors offices were already over crowded before this Obama health care, I don’t expect this problem to decongest nor do I foresee a new wave of freshly recruited doctors who listen and really care about health and wellness for real. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

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