4th-of-julyIn reference to the 4th of July ——–> As a mother, it is my responsibility to keep it absolutely 100 with my child about: who she is, the power she naturally possess, and where she came from. By the time she can attend school (which I am already considering homeschooling) “they” are going to be depicting slavery as a wholesome experience that “bettered” the black race or some BS like that.

I remember when I was little and my teachers taught us about Thanksgiving. This was portrayed as being the most peaceful n harmonious event. Nobody said anything about the Trail of Tears and why the Native Americans have their own reservations. I didn’t learn about How the Native Americans were nearly wiped out because of  greed and and human ego until I hit high school.  Even then, the truth was still “watered down”. I had to dig deep to find the answers.

As a black woman, I cannot stand by “The Fourth of July” as my Independence. The “Independence” of this country had absolutely NOTHING to do with me, my plight, and/or evolution. America was declared Independent on July 4, 1776. Keep in mind, my ancestors, were slaves. In fact, we remained legally enslaved for another 86 years. Not to mention that the white men who drafted the document were questionable ie: Thomas Jefferson- He had numerous plantations, black offspring, and he grew hemp.

To add insult to injury the 3/5 act was added to the US constitution in 1787. Meaning that after America was established as “Independent” for a decade, our government went back and created the 3/5 act as a way to  NOT count slaves as human beings for economic reasons. That was basically a “WHAM” to the face. This was a move strictly about money between the northern and southern states. So again, I ask, Why do black people go all out for the 4th of July–A holiday that had absolutely NOTHING to do with the emancipation of black people. Killer mike said it best in his song “Reagan”

But thanks to Reaganomics, prisons turned to profits
Cause free labor is the cornerstone of US economics

FREE LABOR IS THE CORNERSTONE OF US ECONOMICS…. If there is a such thing as Black Independence day, It would have to be Juneteeth. The Emancipation Proclamation was officially signed by Abraham Lincoln on January 1, 1863. This document legally “freed” all Africans who were enslaved in the southern or rebellious states. The slaves in Galveston, Texas and surrounding areas remained enslaved until June 19th of 1865 all because word never got to them of their freedom status. The 4th of July was not intended to be a celebration of me. Therefore, I don’t identify with this day as a day of celebration. My people where disconnected from their original home, abused, tortured, beat, and procreated all against their will.

What I don’t understand is how black people are soooooo patriotic on this day wishing others a “Happy 4th” and sporting their American flags yet when Juneteeth comes around, everyone is silent. What is the reason behind that? Do we not know or do we just not care about us? Is everyone a punk-ass conformist? Nobody is cranking up the grill or setting off fireworks. No one even mentions Juneteeth on Facebook. I’m not saying that black American’s as a whole should go “back to Africa”. I hate when people say that. When someone of non-african descent tells me, “Go back to Africa” I immediately shake my head.  Because of the disconnect and after effects of what slavery has done to my people both spiritually and psychologically, I can’t call Africa my home.


Black American’s have been mixed n mixed n mixed that it is easy to say, I’m not 100 percent of African descent. America unfortunately is the only home I know and identify with. However, I do not participate in the celebration of this country’s establishment. For me, participating in the  “4th of July” shenanigans is the equivalent to everything in the world that is crazy and senseless. I have to much nerve. As I complete this article and think of a perfect line that I will never find to end this article I can’t help but wonder what the slaves did every 4th of July for 86 years until we were legally free on paper.