I remember growing up in North Carolina and first seeing it there. It was the early 90’s. One of the teenagers in the hood, that I looked up to, walked out of the house one day wearing extremely baggy jeans sagging off of his behind. I was only 5 or 6 years old at the time. Pinewood was the first place I seen the early states of this Anti-pants/Ass-out Revolution.  I thought that this would only be a fad that would eventually die out. BOY…. I WAS JUST AS WRONG AS THE DAY IS LONG…

I’ve  watched “Sag Culture” grow and grow over the past couple of decades. It has gotten worse. Now, the current trend is wearing “Nutthugger” pants that are extremely too tight for any man to walk or sit comfortably. They also flood your ankles and suffocates your thighs at the same time, You have to sag them in order to breathe. It looks horrible. I see more and more young men that look like COMPLETE JERKS!!!  Whether your pants are too baggy or deathly tight, sagging them off of your ass simply isn’t a good look.? Why has this evolved so much?

It has become so much of an issue today that more states are adopting “anti-sag” laws and violators are getting fined. Some people have even served jail time.  come on now, people are so fixated with wearing their pants off their behinds that the law had to step in and basically say, “Come on now.” But are these laws out of bound or does the US Constitution mean NOTHING anymore?

Since the first day i’ve seen this back home, I still genuinely DON’T GET IT. I remember asking a couple of teenage boys in my neighborhood  why they chose to sag. One of the boys had on pants that was sagging so low, you saw all of his basketball shorts and the back on his kneecaps. NO BULLSHIT. I had to ask him, “Why…. What the hell are you doing?” He simply said that he was “expressing” himself. What could you possibly have to express by expossing your rear end? If that’s how you need to express yourself on a regular, you need to be evaluated. What’s really going on? That same kid then asked me, “You musta grew up in the 90’s, huh?”


Fellas, there is a happy medium in between too tight and too loose. PLEASE FIND IT. No respectable woman with a right mind wants a dude that doesn’t even think enough of himself to pull up his pants. You can’t run, fight, or make any sudden movements if you have too. Not without adjusting your pants. In my opinion, wearing your jeans sagging takes too much work plus, these “Anti Sag” policies can easily become a reason for the police to fukk with you, JUST BECAUSE.  I see more police brutality and racial issues surfacing in the future because of this. Furthermore, these “No Say Policies” are unconstitutional.  I don’t agree with Sag Culture, but as much as I hate it, I just can’t  agree with these policies that the states are adopting. What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong. Just pull up ya’ damn pants.