He smacked us in the head like: WHAM!!!! Lupe Fiasco’s newest record, “Bitch Bad” is one that forces you to think. I love what he did with this one. Since people aren’t to fond of books the way we used to be throughout time, he brought us a book directly out of his mind. He gave us his lyrical interpretation on some touchy issues. He makes a point in every line. A point that penetrates deeply.  The video is even more powerful. The raw imagery that he shows us joined with his wordplay leaves you feeling inspired and yet questioning the experience that you just encountered.. He questions how society accepts the “negatives” as “positives” and the “positives” as negatives”. He shows both a feminine and masculine perspective… I loved how he brought it full circle. It’s a video that makes sense. Let me find out that 2012 is the year that music videos will begin to have  that old school depth and raw artistic vision again… The “vixen” and the “thug” has a purpose outside of  being eye candy. Lupe challenges EVERYONE and literally their mother in this Artistic interpretation. I CHALLENGE EVERYONE TO FEED THEIR MIND.

This is coming from his new album: Food and Liquor 2: Great American rap album Part 1. It is slated to be released on September 25, 2012.

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