It’s hard enough keeping up with food inflation, Georgia Power, and bullshit legislation, but the Kardashians? Why have we been giving 2 shits about this family? The last name only got to be  SUPER popular in 2007 when Kim Kardashian made her sex-tape debut starring her and her then boyfriend, Ray J. I didn’t figure out until later on that  she is supposed to be famous because of her father Robert Kardashian. Robert Kardashian was one of the attorney’s on O.J. Simpson’s defense team. Remember it was,  ” The Trial of the Century”. Her father lost his life to cancer in 2003.

Lamar Odom lost nearly all of his street credibility since he’s been inducted into this crazy family. It’s not the fact that he married a Kardashian (the coolest one if you ask me). It’s the fact that he went from being a highly skilled basketball player that we didn’t know too much about to, the “open book” husband. don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on his softer side, but they showed too much on their reality show when it came down to Lamar and now, they have him looking like a *bleeeeeep*. A husband openly loving his wife is never a bad thing, but on national television? It’s a bit problematic, especially when you are a rising baller from one of the hardest hoods in New York. I’m just saying…

Kim shows more and more over the years how she is obsessed with the idea of love but her irrational decisions forces me to look at her differently.  The fact that the whole Chris Humphries/TV wedding situation went down will forever make Kimmy K THIRSTY and furthermore, and embarrassment to young single women everywhere ( I am not over exaggerating, it’s just that serious). You could tell that the whole situation was fake from jump street. Even on camera, it seemed like the “chemistry” was forced. I said from day one that that whole situation was not a natural one. After 72 days of marriage, I GUESS I was correct about my assumption.

Now, Kim is dating Kanye West. I also foresee this fling to be irreparably damaging. This is why I say this:  The media has been reporting that Beyonce doesn’t fancy Kim Kardashian too much. I believe it and I honestly don’t blame her. I just don’t see Bey and Kim going on shopping sprees together. Regardless if you like Beyonce or not, you cannot deny the fact that she carries herself on a certain echelon…  An echelon that Kim Kardashian will NEVER be on unless if she marries British royalty. DAMN THE TRUTH STINGS!! She’s been around the block with way too many men and she comes off way too thirsty for media attention. I get it Kim, you have to stay relevant. Kim makes Beyonce look like Mother Theresa. Most of the time, you do see Bey in the media and sometimes being stalked by paparazzi. She never loses her cool and she very rarely tries to act out in front of the camera. Kim on the other hand is always thirsting for attention. She’s almost like a Pomeranian barking , “look at me, look at me”.

Kim is always recording one of her reality shows, meaning she has her own camera crew following her around  a lot of times.  Beyonce is smart to stay away. I think she knows that mixing class with thirstiness could very much kill her career.  With this being said, I don’t see how the Carters are going to mesh with Kanye and Kim. I smell a rift. It’s only a matter of time before this starts to weigh on Jay Z and Kanye’s relationship, if it isn’t already. Yes, they are brothers from different mothers but can their brotherhood survive all the negativity that is coming with this new “relationship” (in which I honestly can’t tell if it’s real or a publicity stunt yet.)

One thing I have to say is this: Kris Jenner is a Madame (That’s a female pimp, ladies and gents). She manages all of her kids careers. The Kardashian name has become  a brand because of her. She has worked her ass off to catapult the family to another level. The Kardashians have dabbled in acting, fragrances, clothing lines, etc. Even on the show, you see her balance being a mother and manager.  I respect the hustle but, DAMN. I’m tired of the hype with this family and i’m tired of seeing all of these reports in the news about who’s pregnant or not pregnant, and who got this plastic surgery, and who’s the hoe… THIS SHIT IS WACK, WHY ARE WE STILL WATCHING?