Darren Wilson

You actually believed that Officer Darren Wilson was going to “pay” for this crime?  The death of the Civil Rights Movement has left Black America in such a tailspin, that you actually watched the news and believed  in your heart that the US Government was really going to charge one of their own for carrying out a planned  assignment. Oh my God…. THE WORLD IS SMOKIN’ CRACK! Let’s be real, the Trayvon Martin verdict was supposed to incite riots and surprisingly it failed to do so.  The Mike Brown situation did exactly what it was supposed to do: Send a message, piss people off to the point that they cannot think rationally, and incite riots and outrage all over. It looks like  the machine is winning.

Just like the Trayvon Martin situation, I chose NOT to watch the court proceedings in this case. Lets be real, these folks told us  a looooooooonnnnggggggg  time ago that they were not going to do anything in both the Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown cases. How long did Zimmerman walk while we waited for him to be charged? How long did Mike Brown lay in the street exposed without even a sheet to cover his lifeless body respectfully? Not to mention, no one outside of witnesses could get the facts straight? We WATCHED them lie to us on the news with flawed footage from a convenience store that he patronized frequently (making the date of the footage used, highly questionable). Hell we even watched  the police lock up journalists who were in Ferguson doing nothing but reporting what was going on…. And…. we really though that “justice” was going to be served?   You are beyond naive if you believed that  that was going to happen. What would make it even worse is that if it did happen, people would be happy and excited about that instead of focusing on our communities and this plan to exterminate young black life– because that obviously is the plan. In fact, we would wait for the next young black man to get murdered  and repeat the process all over again.  North Korea has even called America “The Laughingstock of the world” because of what went down in Ferguson.

Oh yeah, before I forget: I wish people would stop saying bullshit like: ” Black People need to stick together”, or  “Stop killing us”, “or “No justice no peace”. People sound like broken records.  Comments like that ain’t doin’ shit… In fact, you sound stupid…

tillMike Brown and Trayvon Martin seems to be this generation’s Emmett Till. The only difference is, we recognize their bodies When I see all of these young black men/boys who are being targeted, I can’t help but  think about the Emmett Till case. Till was brutally murdered at the age of 13 for allegedly whistling at a white woman in Mississippi in August of 1955. Till was kidnapped from his relatives home one evening and brutally tortured. He was tortured so bad, that his own mother could not recognize him. The only way that they were able to identify his body was by a ring that he wore that she gave him. Emmett till was beaten senselessly for no reason, one of his eyes was gouged out, and he was shot in the head. To make it worse, his murderers tied a 70 pound fan around his neck with barbed wire  and threw his body into a River. Just like Mike Brown, Emmett till’s murder’s walked away from this situation with their freedom and Black America was in disbelief. Mike Brown’s case left us feeling the exact same way. We can’t believe it. After living the “American Dream” of life with no ceilings, we are shell-shocked when life goes back “pre- 1960’s”(especially if you were born after 1965). Then to add insult to injury, big business capitalizes off of this in some way ie. Arizona ice tea, n skittles while we invite the parents of the victim to every radio broadcast and award show of the season.

Race is a giant factor but this right here is bigger than race. “Race” is the scapegoat. Think about it, what better way to gain control than to set your prey up against each other? In terms of war tactics, this one is brilliant: Get people emotional and incite a race riot and Boom, You can easily flip the situation and gain control.  This is about a new type of “order” being established.  Our basic human rights have been violated over and over again in this case and several cases that is like it. The Bill of Rights have been completely disregarded. We are watching Marshal Law.  Standing with your hands up saying Mike Browns last words “DON’T SHOOT” is NOT going to do anything. Revolution and community rebuilding is must happen if we really plan to survive.