Black Lives Matter is not a militant group. I find it interesting that more and more black lives are being discarded and thrown away like garbage while white conservatives everywhere are now saying that Black Lives Matter is a hate group. Never mind how black america is feeling every time we turn on the news to see the body count has risen since the last time we tuned in. Black America is tired. Black America is mobilizing. Because I am naturally not in agreeance with everything about this particular group; I question some actions, lack of reaction, and motives; I made it my business to keep my distance and just watch every move closely. However, after seeing  that Black Lives Matter is being basically labeled as a domestic terrorist group on television, I couldn’t help but think: COINTELPRO.

Whenever someone calls a group like this “militant” I have to question: “What is the reason why the group formulated” and “Does the word “militant” really apply to this situation?” The police are militant. They are the only active group that I know of that is going around murdering up black people at alarming rates and for no reason. They are the only group that I know of to outright hang innocent people in a holding cell and then say that it was a suicide. They are the only group that I know of that can walk up on an innocent black man in broad daylight and shoot him in the head for no reason, get “support”, and be back out on the streets among the rest of us in less than a week. So when people say that black lives matter is a militant group I am forced to look twice and ask: Well, what do you call America’s “Justice” situation?

A militant is described as one who is combative and aggressive in support of a political or social cause. They usually favor confrontational or extreme measures.

— Via Google

I am NOT a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement nor am I against it. In my personal opinion, I just never understood the reason behind a pointless hashtag or a die-in demonstration. I also didn’t understand the point of taking down the Confederate flag AT THIS TIME (unless if we are baiting a new civil war in Amerikkka). Something about that whole situation seems a bit unnatural and staged. Meanwhile, no one in BLM even thought to push the issue of Dylann Roof not being charged as a domestic terrorist. I guess those 9 black lives didn’t matter…

blmI am not saying that the flag didn’t need to come down, I just didn’t understand how that was going to avenged the deaths of all of the countless victims that we have lost due to inequality, murder, and brutality on blacks in America from the hands of local law enforcement. Climbing up a flag pole “strippereqsue” is not going to bring back Mike Brown or anyone else.

Also, I can’t help but question, why did this sister have to dramatically climb this flag pole like that? She really had to work to slide her body up that pole to remove a symbol or the ultimate racism and white supremacy. As I remember from grade school, we never had to climb the pole to remove the flag. We even put the flag up every morning and lowered it every evening. So again, I have to question: Why was this even done in this manner? A Black woman climbing a flag pole to remove the Confederate flag that could have been lowered to where she stood on the ground…. That speaks VOLUMES. Something is wrong.

Holding your hands up and yelling “Don’t shoot! Is doing absolutely nothing violent or harmful. That is a demonstration of a peaceful protest, not a militant one. What angers me about this is I can’t help but think: Didn’t Mike Brown get shot after saying this to Officer Darren Wilson? Soooo… We print this up on t-shirts and memes and tell young black boys that this is what you do when stopped by the police: Do what Mike Brown did, and if you’re lucky, your parents may be invited to the BET awards after your funeral for a rushed two-minute moment of silence for the cameras? I fail to understand how this make sense as a reaction. We are tired of the headlines that the media is feeding us. As a black person in America, what do you do? How do you live?


The reason why I am writing this article is because of a program that the FBI started called the Counter Intelligence Program. Nearly everything about: BLM/the BLM situation  screams COINTELPRO. The Counter Intelligence  program (COINTELPRO) was founded by the director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover had a strong disdain for Black people. The number one mission or goal of the Counter Intelligence Program was to deface and crumble every black liberation group/organization that came about. It is sad to say that in 2015 that goal has been successfully accomplished. Even the NAACP has been HAD.

The greatest example of the COINTELPRO’s  infiltration  is what happened to the Black Panthers Party. The black Panthers were infiltrated in so many ways. The party was attacked from so many angles. It’s deeper than a few wire-taps and snitches, the breakdown was planned. The way I can compare the downfall of the BPP is to an injured bug that can no longer fly. As a result, this insect is wounded and has to travel on land.  Because of injury, the bug that normally flies and soars through the air now is confined to land. It has to adapt to it’s changing surroundings and the way that it travels. The bug adapts to the changes and is progressing as best as it can. Then one by one as the bug slows down, ants begin to latch on, eating the insect alive. The bug eventually dies and is covered in ants feeding off of it.


courtesy of: blackyouthproject.org

Keep in mind, ants release toxins and poisons whenever they bite. This is exactly what the COINTELPRO did to every black liberation group. And if the group was too silent and strong to infiltrate. Someone in law enforcement died and the group was blamed for that death. This is not a coincidence. Prime example: The MOVE organization (Move9). The fact that these people have been wrongfully incarcerated for decades because a cop ended up dead (while unlawfully firebombing the MOVE HQ in Philly) shows the realness of America’s shady political practices. (I’ll save that information for a future article)

At the end of the day, I am a black woman: The same as both Sandra Bland and Kindra Chapman. So, a movement entitled “Black Lived Matter” is speaking to me

In a Nutshell/Final Remarks

  • COINTELPRO was never dismantled. With new technology and things like social media, imagine what kind of “machine” this is today.
  • Who really funded BLM, (Yes this matters)
  • The battles that BLM picks and chooses to be involved with are  questionable.  For instance why is it that no one from Black lives matter did anything as far as trying to help Tremain Wilbourne or Sandra Bland? Black lives matter has been extremely quiet when it came down to this.
  • The confederate flag removal situation needs to be looked at by everyone again.

… AFTER CLOSE OBSERVATION  I have found a few things and have called out some things that makes me question this Group’s authenticity. Even with that being said, at the end of the day I understand what black lives matter is supposed to be. One thing that I can definitely say is that this is not a terrorist it group but I cannot discount the existence of COINTELPRO and how they fit into this equation. TRUST ME, IT FITS.