Botanical Bliss is everything that you want in a natural beauty product line.  The products are pure. There are no harsh chemicals or parbeans, and a sista by the name of Donetta Bacon made it. Just the brand itself is a testament to the magic of black women… I am more than happy to write about this company. I always say that black women are different. We are special. We are wired in a magnificent way. It takes a certain type of an individual to understand what that means.


Not much is better than finding products that represent our sisterhood. Everyone likes smelling good. Ladies love to feel delicate and feminine. What better way than to have that reflected in your scent? It doesn’t even matter if you spray it on or if it’s a lotion or conditioner.  Our women love beauty products. We originated beauty products. The problem is, there aren’t enough ‘black’ manufacturers. There should be more black products. It is just like the beauty supply stores. It’s crazy how many of us patronize the beauty supply store, yet the percentage of ownership in our community is terribly low. Really, it’s virtually non-existent.


In February of this year, I came across a product line that excited me. Botanical Bliss is a rising company that sells everything from body butter, to oatmeal bath, and hair care products. They even have things for your man as well, such as a beard oil that works amazing. I stumbled across Botanical Bliss, on the humble, one day in Little Five Points. L5P is one of the hottest art districts in Atlanta. While going and checking out a few vendors, in the Bazaar Shopping Mall, I happened upon this cute set up. A sign that read Botanical Bliss caught my attention. There was a bronzed beauty seated in the booth.  Out of curiosity I decided, “Let me see what she has in here.”  The clerk turned me on to her products. I was amazed at everything that the sister had. On that day I didn’t purchase anything. However, I came back a couple of weeks later and I purchased a good amount of product. I must say, I was not disappointed with anything that I took home. What made me say that I was going to make it my business to come back and spend something, was the reason Ms. Bacon gave for starting her own company. In Donetta’s words, “I got tired of giving them my money.” She did the research and applied it to her own company. Now, my sister is sitting on a gold mine that is waiting just waiting for the rest of the world to catch on. What’s crazy is to realize the value and the importance of the black dollar. There is no type of business like black business. There is no kind of love brighter than black love. Remember, the original women are different. We are special.


When you enter her shop, if feels like you are in a different place. A sense of calm and peace takes over. The shades of pink  and fancy calligraphy reminds you that it is okay to be ‘girlie’ or have an over-the-top ‘girlie’ moment. When you enter and speak with the owner, you automatically want to support. That support is very much well worth it. My haul from Botanical Bliss included:

1- Lemon Meringue Curl Defining Custard

1- Pink Sugar Whipped Body Butter

1- Organic Sweet Citrus Sugar Scrub

1- Lavender Oatmeal Milk Bath

1-  Caribbean Moisturizing Hair Lotion

1- Sweet Tobacco Beard Oil (spouse)



Lemon Meringue Curl Defining Custard

This product smells exactly like Lemon Meringue pie. I brought the Meringue for my daughter’s hair. Her hair is naturally curly. The custard did a great job of defining her curls and keeping her hair from drying out. A perk about this product is that it added sheen to her hair without weighing it down and making the hair greasy. I could actually comb her hair and keep her curls in tact easily.

Pink Sugar Whipped Body Butter

The scent and texture of this body butter automatically zero’s you in. When I ran out of this butter, I found myself slightly upset and in need of more. Not only does this product look and feel good, it truly moisturizes your skin. This product actually worked well with my daughter’s eczema.

Organic Sweet Citrus Sugar Scrub

This was another product that I just couldn’t get enough of. I absolutely love it. This is a body scrub that you can use on your face and body. Not only does it exfoliate but, it moisturizes. A scrub like this is ideal for dry skin. What is even better is, the sugar leaves your skin feeling moisturized and pampered every time you use it. A quick 5 minute shower can easily feel like a day at the spa.

Lavender Oatmeal Milk Bath

This is a dry mix that you put into your bath water. I originally brought this to try on my daughter’s eczema. I actually noticed results. It did not however, cure her eczema but it made a huge difference in the condition of it. The essential oils also make this product smell great.

Caribbean Moisturizing Hair lotion

This moisturizer has replaced all the moisturizers that I used to use in both my daughter’s hair and mine. It smells great, it is light weight, and it is not greasy. There is no alcohol in this product, it actually moisturizes. You can use this product one day and still see and feel it working it’s magic this next day. You can also smell some of the fresh fruits used in this product. I can easily say that I will never use any other moisturizer again. This does everything.

Sweet Tobacco Beard Oil (spouse’s testimony)


The musk pungent tobacco scented beard oil measures up to its claims of ‘just a few drops’. It is an effective blend for moisturizing and detangling. Simply apply and comb through. If your chin crown is rocking like that, Or, you wanna stimulate growth and go for more, Botanical Bliss Sweet Tobacco Beard Oil is a good look for the facial grooming aware gentlemen.

All of the Botanical Bliss products were packaged professionally. There was no issue with mold growing in her products. I urge everyone to support this sista and what she is doing. Donetta Bacon has something for everyone. If you are not in the Atlanta area and would like to check out her product or support, go to the official Botanical Bliss Website @