There is a dearth of’ Black’ Love stories.  The Obamas “Southside”, is a Hollywood tale chosen for people to celebrate. It’s dressed up for urban appeal with the integration of the  ‘southside’ designation. It’s almost akin to spending a smidgen of attention on the sister with shattered ‘self – esteem’. You’ve bought her. Hook, line, and sinker. She believes in you. You represent her dreams.  Backhanded scraps are a distraction. Simply for entertainment. Having full knowledge that the largest target as a threat to ‘white supremacy’ IS the healthy, strong ‘black’ union, or family.  The mainstream has manufactured a model of ‘blackness’.   One that poses no risk to the privilege of white babies.

Why is there a movie about the Obama’s first date? Black love is beautiful. But who cares this much?  We are angry at the rise of police brutality. Yet, when the Obamas are on the screen;  civil unrest is put on pause.  Do we not care about the issues that we complain and debate about daily?  It almost seems like sorcery. The masses fall under a weird trance when the POTUS and FLOTUS appear.  America’s crush on the Obamas has grown to be quite obsessive.  It is an infatuation with their image. Perhaps, they should check the president by asking:


Our people continue to die by the hands of local law enforcement. What have the Obamas done? FUKK YOUR SPEECHES, MAN!

WAIT! I take that back…

President Obama actually signed the “Blue Act” protecting the police. Oh yea, and there was that time he burst out singing Al Green randomly at some fancy dinner or speech or something….

The Obama administration is pimpin’ at its finest. I am not moved by any of the fluff stuff that Obama talks. Nor, have I ever been. I grew leery of him when he went hard with the “Change” campaign. Not all change is good. Inevitable, but not good. Since the concept of a black president was introduced , we don’t see anything outside of swag, sauce, and entertainment. We get  this ‘black president’ and slowly migrate back to life pre-1960’s. Obama drops a tear on television, protects the police further, and will exit the white house as one of the greatest presidents of all time. This cannot be LIFE.

Where is the love when you turn a deaf ear to the pleas of families asking that their fathers be freed? Obama won’t pardon Veronza Bowers.  The US government pursued the capture of Assata Shakur even more aggressively under his rule.  This brother is about to leave office and all we got was: Selma, The MLK Monument, a museum, and an EBT phone.

I  am not interested in the “show”.  Deliver all the speeches you like. What I care about is Blaq America. What has this president done for us with the appearance of representation in one of the highest places?


When will black America stop with the fantasy of having a “Black President” and actually check him? Time is almost up…


An interview with Essence magazine quoted Michelle Obama as saying,

“I think when it comes to Black kids, it means something for them to have spent most of their life seeing the family in the White House look like them.”

–Michelle Obama



Our children have to understand Michelle and Barack are NOT like ‘them’.  Take a look at the condition of the ‘black family’. Hell, take a look at  the news. Blaq America’s exposure to death is constant. There is little to no support for authentic unions.  We have to be protective of how Our Love is portrayed.

What makes the Obama’s courtship noteworthy anyway? There is a serious disconnect with the experience aspiring urban householders face.  America considers Barack and Michelle  a successful couple. And that’s because of his job title alone. Being the leader of a faux republic is not successful. It’s not what it seems. This ‘Southside’ love is one that many blatantly disassociate from the struggle of people of color. As a people,  we dare not celebrate.

Black Love is beautiful.  We have to acknowledge it, laud it and applaud it. However, when the appeal of your love becomes superficial….


Dear Barack,

I know you just a puppet but I’m

giving you props

You lying to the public like it ain’t  nothing

And I just love it, I hope it don’t stop

— Danny Brown

Terrorist Threats

feat. Ab -Soul and Jhene Aiko

Damn Obama… Break a rule…