Last week, reports on Queen Latifah coming to daytime television hit the net. The queen is getting a new talk show. The reports¬† kind of confused me. It is being written that this was her first time that she would be on the daytime airwaves but this isn’t true. I remember she had a brief stent in daytime television with a talk show from 1999-2001. I actually used to watch the show and I loved it. The queen made an excellent host. She was real, around-the-way, down to earth, and didn’t take any mess nor keep up with drama. She was the equivalent to the hip hop Mother Love (Forgive or Forget). She was more about enacting solutions in oppose to creating problems. I remember her content was very engaging. She had the tradition talk show topics and then she showcased more innovative content. I remember her talking about the war against the bloods and crips on her show with guests that were on both sides of the battlefield. I also remember her bringing Snoop Dogg on there on one episode to talk about violence in hip hop. Unfortunately, the show just disappeared with no warning or explanation.

I am so excited to hear that she is coming back with a new daytime talk show airing on CBS. Hopefully this will be like the last show she had just upgraded to compliment the times. I still find it interesting how media outlets are reporting on the show that is slated to debut on September 16, 2013. Instead of reading about her historical achievements within the entertainment industry, I am finding headlines that are claiming that she will not discuss her personal life or sexuality on the show.¬† Why does this matter? Besides, we seen her as Cleo in Set it Off. After she embodied the character of Cleo completely, I don’t think that her sexuality should even be a topic for discussion. That’s just real. One thing that she did that I absolutely loved on her show was showcase different talent. She served as a medium that brought a lot of hip hop to daytime television. It was nothing to catch the hottest industry acts performing on her show.

I am excited to see this show. I will be watching in support of it when it airs. The queen has a lot of people backing her in this show. Sony, Nelson, Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith are all backing her in this next chapter.

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