Who would have ever thought that  the short shit-talker from Soul Plane would come up and not only dominate the comedic world but make us love and appreciate who he is in the process. In Let Me Explain, Kevin Hart is in the prime of his career. This is his best comedic act to date. He makes you laugh until you cry. People thought that “Laugh at my Pain” was major… No sir, no ma’am, Kevin Hart’s Let me Explain is MAJOR.

Prior to viewing this film, I had heard several different negative reviews from various people. I have heard everything from, “It’s not that funny” to “It was hilarious but it was way too short”. In my opinion, The length of the film was perfect. It’s stand- up comedy, I understand the movies are extremely high these days but… IT’S STAND UP COMEDY… I’m sorry but I don’t want to sit in my seat for two hours watching. A good hour and 15 minutes is perfect. I loved the intro footage to this video. In the footage, he showed just how much he had progressed and turned himself into a global brand. He literally travels all around the world and brings in all the way back to New Yorks own Madison Square Garden.

I used to work in Atlanta’s Hartsfield- Jackson Airport. I absolutely hated my job. At the time, I was working at an upscale cafe located on concourse B. Working any form of concessions in the airport is hell. The traveler’s are rarely happy and often times, they take that out on you. The restaurant that I worked in attracted plenty of high class customers and celebrities. On one morning, Kevin Hart walked in to order oatmeal to go.  I will say this… The silly man that we see on television is the man that he truly is. He made me laugh the entire time and was cool about waiting like a normal person.

One thing that he did that I appreciated was, he talked “to me” and not “down to me”. He read my name on my name tag and addressed me by my first name during the whole time that I waited on him. Just that interaction with him made me respect him more. He did not act “Hollywood” in the slightest bit. The worst thing in the world is to have a celebrity that you admire  and you meet them just to find out that they are assholes. Kevin Hart was far from that. It is that experience that has made me a loyal follower of his work.  Let me Explain is a “must- see”. Even if you get it on bootleg, go to the movie and pay the money for the ticket and support this brother. You will leave the theater  red in the face from laughter and with a new love and respect for what he does.