Sooo…. We disgrace our legacy and reduce our struggle to nothing all for a good laugh and album sales? I write this post simply to vent… I would have never thought that in 2014, African Americans will collectively bump their heads and forget where they came from.  We have somehow forgotten the struggle of our people.  To add insult to injury, we show out during Black History Month. I remember February being my favorite month out of the year when I was a little girl. This was the time of year that was dedicated solely to learning about my people and the huge shoes that our ancestors left for us to fill. I remember learning about the top dogs and the underdogs of the movement. I remember having pep rallies and school assembles all enriched the legacy of Black people. I was proud to be a little black girl.







Where are we now? As a black woman, I can’t help but really question this.. Forget about the real contributions that African American’s have made to the world: The stop light, the ironing board, the air conditioning unit, guitar, gas mask, lantern, cell phone, door knob, refrigerator, stove (nearly the WHOLE modern day kitchen), telephone, mop, lawn mower, and Thermostat to name a few things… Have we as black people forgotten who we are? The fact that someone would get a picture of Kunta Kinte from Roots and caption it, “Original 2 Chainz. Pull up to the shore with my freedom missing” and post it as a joke for Black History Month is beyond moronic. It’s not funny. It’s WACK. Why is it that black people are quick to ridicule our own struggle? To be honest, These images that I have seen have all been passed around social media via African Americans…  How did we go from inventing things  for the betterment of civilization to inventing disrespectful pictures with hideous captions disgracing the Soul’s of Black Folk? That’s rhetorical. Marinade on that…

Not to be out done this Black History Month, rapper Nicki Minaj dropped a single Called “Lookin’ Ass Nigga”. What baffles me is, People are more caught up on the fact that she is allegedly showing her natural hair in the music video  vs. the Promotional Picture for the single. Peep this display below.


Before I go IIIIINNNNNN, Let us pray:

“Lord Jesus:

Please give me the strength to address why this picture is disrespectful on so many levels without me losing it and acting every bit like I am from Zone 1 in print. Aman…”

I understand the psychology behind a gimmick but come on Nicki. For you to release this picture of Malcolm X like this and slap the words, “Lookin’ Ass Nigga” on it, is sickening. Whether you have read the book or seen the movie, you would understand that this picture of Malcolm X was taken shortly before his violent demise in front of his wife and children.  He is strapped up peeping out the window after receiving numerous death threats on him and his family. Not to mention, these are the same people who attempted to kill his family by fire bombing his house. Malcolm X often gets shade because his motto was basically to fight fire with fire. This was during his Nation of Islam (NOI) days. It wasn’t until Malcolm took his pilgrimage to Mecca that he truly changed  a lot of his philosophies, speech, and way of living. Either way, Malcolm X or El Haj Malik Shabazz did so much for black people. He inspired us, he lead us, he died in the name of the struggle. He was assasinated brutally and attacking forces made his life a living hell for him and his family before he was killed.

nikSo Nicki decides to pay homage to Malcolm X by doing this? Then… During Black History Month of 2014? That was way too much. You just told your whole following, which is by the millions, that it is okay to disrespect your elders  by making a mockery of previous deceased leaders that fought for your ignorant self to even be able to hold a mic or better yet, play the venues that you perform at. I guest the previous struggle means nothing. Next, she’ll probably have a hologram of his dead spirit reenacting his death or something crazy like that. My thing is this: Nicki, you’re already Hott. The masses pretty much love you. I understand you have to switch it up, start some things, and build hype but DAMN, you’re doing it like this, ma?  No hate but real talk, are you even a black woman anymore?

Let me call it:  This was all strategized. After this artwork for the single was released, Nicki issued an apology after receiving such negative feedback from the masses. As if her PR team did not plan out this apology before she even released the single, hmm…  I personally cannot bring myself to listen to the song just yet. I just can’t help but look at Nicki a little side ways on this one. I’m not mesmerized or impressed. As an artist and as a black woman, I am offended. But I am even more taken aback when I think about the fact that the label approved  this garbage.  As you know how this story will end, the public will accept her apology, never-minding how offensive and disrespectful this is. My question is, what in the world would make one think that this caption for this picture is okay? Malcolm was strapped and on guard for not only his life, but his family in this picture. Black History Month 2014 has left me disappointed and concerned for my people.