An open Letter…

Today, I have to say: I absolutely love the woman that I am. What’s even better is, I am looking forward to evolve into the woman that I am destined to be. On some days, the growing pains may seem unbearable, yet I thrive. For this, I am grateful. My beautiful struggle is a glorious transition. I write this open letter from a place of strength and wisdom, a place that I never knew exist within […]

Surviving Alcoholism: What it took to save my Life

Alcoholism almost always points to other issues…Mine was,  I wasn’t happy. In the eyes of others, I was doing extremely well. Everything looked great on the outside. A picture perfect, young black woman making her way in Atlanta.  I worked a regular 9 to 5, had my own place, and payed my own way. At that time,  I was the very definition of “Independent”.  A strong and independent sista that was dying inside. Everyday, I […]

The Real Thanksgiving

Like others, growing up, I always looked forward to the holidays. Thanksgiving was always a joy and Christmas was the greenest grass of them all. Holidays are supposed to serve as a time of love and family unity all in commemoration to what we have been told for years. I remember going to school for the first time and learning  about Thanksgiving. I remember a portrait painted in my head of the pilgrims discovering the […]