The Flint water crisis

The Flint water crisis is real. All of the water is contaminated. Let me tell it, that is straight piss and raw sewage spilling into the homes of thousands of taxpayers. What is even crazier to me is that the residents of Flint, Michigan have had this problem for a while now. The rest of the country is just now getting to know about it. This is worse than the water crisis that happened in […]

CASH MOB: Black on Black Support–ATL

Black on Black support is showing signs of life. The Aboriginal American family is mastering mobilization and I absolutely love it.The Black community is finally fed up with everything that is going on. There is so much emotion… It is beautiful to see… I am convinced that Black America still has a pulse. We are the descendants of Hosea, Malcolm, and Huey. I couldn’t be any more proud to be a black woman today fighting for […]

“Affluenza” Poetry by KalaAli

Forgive us original people for lashing out and taking our shit back. We have thousands of years of being accustomed to wealth and status.  Reduce sentences and release us. We have ages of being used to doing whatever we want.  We just don’t know how to function with such limitation; having to adhere to another man’s laws. So many dynasties reminding me of my rightful kingship and authority.  It’s such an adjustment. Who are these […]

WTF did Joy Behar about black people and slavery on the view?

The View is a talk show that I really do not like. I really haven’t watch this show since I was an adolescent and Star Jones was a permanent fixture on the panel. That was the only time I really gave this show the time of day. First off, let me say this before I even start: I cannot believe that I am writing this article. I cannot believe that the struggle for ratings and […]

Please don’t call me “Sexy” if you don’t know me…

Whenever someone uses the term “sexy”  I automatically hear the word “sex”. I don’t hear the “y”ending.  Whenever a guy that I do not know approaches me and he says something like, “Hey sexy.” Or “How you doing, sexy?”, even though there may be complimentary intentions, it does not come across that way. I can’t speak for all women because we are all wired so differently, but I can speak for me. I personally get […]

Quit Bitchin’ about White Privilege…. MOBILIZE

 You have already lost the fight if you are truly expecting for Black people to receive any sort of “justice” in America. Think about it. This country was built by free labor on the backs of African slaves AFTER it was stolen from the Native Americans. I think it is absolutely crazy that, those who are the descendants of slaves, are relying on the system to give us “justice”. Keep in mind that this is […]

black masculinity: Where Malcolm X, Saul Williams, and Jaden Smith meet

Recently Jaden Smith posed with a few pale photo subjects. In the summer past, HUFFPOST Culture Writer Zeba Blay credits Smith and #Carefreeblackboy with redefining black masculinity. So, inspired by the recent Louis Vuitton Advertisement which has brought this back to attention, I am led to ponder on what has been presented. If quirkiness can somehow define black masculinity let’s consider the genre-bending-unforgivable-blackness of Saul Williams.  He has a line in a song acknowledging ‘interplanetary […]

Jaden Smith and Gender Fluidity From a Brotha’s Perspective

We want the freedom not to classify clothing as male or female, women’s or men’s; ok fine. Yet, when a line is marketed as a women’s line and the spokes model is not a woman, questions arise. Freedom can be manipulated when in the context of such a statement. Jaden Smith is free to identify with whatever gender he pleases. The picture that the consumer sees is one that has been crafted from a much […]

Marie Holmes: The Ultimate “Bottom Bitch”

When I first heard of this story, I said that I wouldn’t touch it. I said that I would not go and waste the time and energy talking about North Carolina multi-million lottery winner Marie Holmes. She is actually from the neighboring county around my neck of the woods in Coastal Carolina. Holmes has continued to make the news for nearly a year after winning a whopping 188 million dollars. I would love to be […]