Political Pimpin: The Sandra Bland Situation

This case is shrouded in so much mystery that the public is trying to decide if Sandra Bland did indeed kill herself, was murdered, or is a culprit in another national hoax. Is this situation really real or is this another false flag designed to distract us and keep us disengaged with what is going on in politics right now? Considering how things are going these days, that really isn’t a far fetched question. Not […]

How the Confederate Flag will start another Civil War

If America truly cared about the Confederate flag‘s meaning to Black people, they would never have let it be produced, sold, and allowed on every Capital’s flagpole after the Confederate States officially lost the Civil War on April 9, 1865. Instead, this flag would be written about in history books and displayed in museums as only a war-tale that makes up a piece of America’s history. The true reality on the Middle Passage and slavery […]