2 Cents: The ice bucket challenge… REALLY????

It’s no secret that our world government (yes, I said world) is beyond cold blooded, corrupt, and callous. Today, our sloppy government(s), especially America, will throw out a distraction  as soon as people ban together for anything that could potentially cause the necessary changes that we deserve. The  Distractions come in all shapes and forms.  For instance, the  ALS Ice Bucket challenge.  When I first heard of this challenge going on all I could say […]

Was the End of Civil Rights Movement the beginning of the Death of the Revolution???

  THE DEMANDS THAT WE MADE WERE NOT ENOUGH…  At the end of the day we still have no reservations, there is no more Black Wall street, Both Detroit and Chicago are under political attack, and Atlanta’s Auburn Avenue was once more than the richest neighborhood (black neighborhood) in America filled with productive families and businesses.  The Civil Rights Movement was considered successful because it appeared that we got what we wanted: “Equal” rights- meaning […]

Hottentot Hip Hop II

I refuse to believe that we have grown to a point where you have to completely bare all of your ass  and titties to get recognition as a female rapper. A part of me still holds on to the thought that people still choose lyrics over the baseline and that society is not this vain and horny.  I remember when the female rapper represented a powerful yet feminine strength that was tough enough to contend […]

Ferguson, Missouri 2014: The “Re-new” Dangers of being Black in Amerikkka….STILL…

Let’s be real…. In 2014, we have back tracked. We have somehow found ourselves slowly reverting back to life pre-1960’s America. Police Brutality, Injustices, and Racism, are all being used as a weapon. If you are connected, you cannot escape the visuals and headlines narrating the times that we are living in. Names like: Oscar Grant, Sean Bell, Eric Garner, Jordan Davis, Trayvon Martin,  Amadou Dialo, Kendrick Johnson, and most recently, Michael Brown trend and […]