The Donald Sterling Situation was a move to take away our first amendment right.

We are putting our own civil rights in jeopardy all because of ignorance, fear, and emotion. The recent events that have occurred within the NBA are enough¬† to force me out of my silence. For a few weeks now, the Donald Sterling situation has seemed to overshadow everything in the news (minus The Carters vs. Solonge Knowles). Nobody cares about the GMO foods that our government is killing the people with. Mind you, there is […]

Dre sold Beats by Dre. for how much???

The news broke earlier this month that the legendary Dr. Dre sold his “Beats by Dre” headphone line to Apple for an astounding 3.2 billion dollars. He has made history. He is the first ever hip hop billionaire even though Forbes Magazine is saying otherwise. Either way, the figure is pretty.¬† Like everyone else, I couldn’t help but think, “wooooooow, great job!” Then out of nowhere these words popped up in my head, “Boooooy, the […]

The Ugly Truth about Obamacare

President Barack Obama campaigned for universal healthcare since his initial run for the presidency. He has faced opposition from the Right and countless mudslinging and comparisons to dictators like Adolf Hitler. After a hard fought battle, the Affordable Healthcare Act was approved by Congress and implementation began in late 2013. The rollout of the website was shaky from the gate and it looked as though the Right Wing Liberals were having their “I told […]