We are putting our own civil rights in jeopardy all because of ignorance, fear, and emotion. The recent events that have occurred within the NBA are enough  to force me out of my silence. For a few weeks now, the Donald Sterling situation has seemed to overshadow everything in the news (minus The Carters vs. Solonge Knowles). Nobody cares about the GMO foods that our government is killing the people with. Mind you, there is a huge battle that is going on in the higher courts right now about notifying consumers about  GMO ingredients on food packaging. No one cares about the fact that our marine life is suffering after the oil spills that have been occurring. Keep in mind, this includes oil spills that we have not been told about because society was obsessed with non- news related “news”. ie. A missing plane that most likely never even went into flight.

When I first heard about the owner of the NBA Clippers team making remarks against black people, I automatically called him a racist and kept it moving. More and more developments on this story began surfacing everyday, which is to be expected. A lot of hype began to surround the mistress, V. Stilvanio leaking this conversation. Not only is she half black and seemingly fame-whorish, but people are really beginning to question V’s gender. Isn’t that ironic… Moving forward, when I listened to the audio of the infamous conversation, it sounds like a set up. Donald Sterling obviously didn’t know that he was being recorded.The audio was  obtained in a very sneaky and conniving way. Either way, He proceeded to tell V that he did not want her to bring black people to his games and blah blah about Magic Johnson. He went in deeper to explain to her his rules and regulations that he had in mind for how she should deal with African Americans. Ok cool… My mind went into “question-mode”

  1. First and foremost: Why are we as people this emotional over this situation? Someone expressed their opinion. You know what they say about opinions… Everyone has one.  Regardless if you agree with his or not, his feelings are his feelings. Why the shock and outrage?
  2. Who is V. Stilvanio and what is her agenda? What did she set out to prove by exposing the audio of Sterling’s remarks in their private conversation? (The classic example of the woman being the sh!t starter/distractor: Monica Lewinski, Marylin Monroe, Anna Nicole, Beyonce, Eve…)
  3. Why is it that we aren’t hearing much about real news that is going on ie. What’s going on in the house (civil liberties being lost) that aren’t being talked about in the news. Why isn’t the media keeping the people informed with what’s going on in the global political arena?

As much as I really don’t care to address this issue, I have to be honest. I  see something bigger. I personally feel that this situation is a strategic move to get the ball rolling. This is a move to strip the people of their first amendment right via the people themselves.

Amendment I (1): Freedom of religion, speech, and the press; rights of assembly and petition

View Bill of Rights—->Here

The Donald Sterling situation  is more than just a distraction. This is a tactic. We should pay attention now more than ever. What is the government trying to do? Should we the people push or allow the NBA to ban sterling because of remarks made during a private conversation? Don’t get it twisted, I am not condoning Sterling’s comments. However; as a black woman, I have  managed to get out of my own  feelings on this manner. I see how this is all planned. People have gotten so swollen up in the chest with emotions that all critical thinking has gone out the window. Think about this seriously for a moment. From a government standpoint: You allow the people to express their outrage over what “the example” said. As the government, you do something about it. You put restrictions on what people can say and call it “censorship”. Then at the end of the day, no one can say anything without being persecuted or labeled as a terrorist.

1freeThis whole situation is a major chess move. This is political pimpin’ at it’s finest. Con the people into forfeiting their freedom of speech all because we are overly emotional about a private conversation that technically is nobody’s business… Meanwhile, everyone has forgotten about the nukes that are poisoning our oceans and these chem-trails  polluting our skies because nothing is more important than Donald Sterling right now. How on earth does this make sense?

What makes this chess move brilliant is, the question of “What to do next”  must be answered. What do you do: Punish him for speaking his feelings because everyone doesn’t agree with him or keep him on as an NBA owner knowing that his presence has now more than likely created tension within the league. Keep in mind, The majority of the NBA is black (players, not owners). If we actually fine this man and force him to sell or handover the Clippers (which is NOT a punishment, for Sterling, that’s retirement)  and ban him,  that is sending a message.  The message that I am getting is that freedom of speech is about to be obsolete. We are giving up that right. We can no longer say or express how we feel openly. That is a strong characteristic of a Dictatorship.

At the end of the day, do you let it ride or do you just continue on? What is the correct form of action… Or… Is action necessary? At the end of the day, The man was having a private conversation and he spoke his feelings whether we like them or not… This ladies and gentlemen is what I call a chess move. CHECKMATE!