What is Critical Thinking and why is it Important now more than ever?

I always say, “If you choose to be uninformed in the information age, that’s your dumbass fault.” I say this because we are living in a time where things are so technologically advanced that it is hard not to learn or stay current, regardless if you watch television or not. It is so easy to get information. All you have to do is click. Living in the information age is both a gift and a […]

Cancer is NOT a Joke

The world went into a frenzy during the season finale of Basketball Wives LA. Sundy Carter, a newcomer, verbally took things too far when she basically ridiculed fellow cast-mate for doing invitro fertilization to conceive a baby.  To be a mother and ridicule another woman because she can’t bare a child the natural way is ugly. However, when the woman that you ridiculed  is going through invtro because she is a cancer survivor, and you […]

OutKast KILLS Coachella 2014

This year makes 20 years since the legendary Outkast made their musical debut with their “SouthernPlayalisticCadillacMuzik” album. This album forever changed Hip Hop’s storyline. Music lovers everywhere were estatic to find out that the duo were scheduled to perform at the Coachella Festival in LA in 2014. It was all love on the stage. There weren’t any funny actions or movements that left you questioning the group members relationship health. Instead, Outkast busted Coachella wide […]

Planet Fitness Gymtimidation =INSECURTIES

Every body is different, literally. The human body comes in many forms. I could attempt to list them all in this post but, there isn’t enough listing in the world… With that being said, The whole world is not trying to lose weight, the whole world is not obese despite what statistics report, and everyone’s weight is not a major issue or source of unhappiness in their lives. How on earth did we get to […]

Poetry and Politics II: Humility

I was born a writer. It doesn’t matter what I do or where I go, I can never change that. I can’t break up with my gift. I’ve tried several times out of frustration and like Kobe and Vanessa, we are still married.  My talent remains in tact.  Truth be told, writing is my best friend. I will never trust anything outside of a paper and pen. I’m an old-fashioned girl. I fancy school supplies […]