This year makes 20 years since the legendary Outkast made their musical debut with their “SouthernPlayalisticCadillacMuzik” album. This album forever changed Hip Hop’s storyline. Music lovers everywhere were estatic to find out that the duo were scheduled to perform at the Coachella Festival in LA in 2014. It was all love on the stage. There weren’t any funny actions or movements that left you questioning the group members relationship health. Instead, Outkast busted Coachella wide open and left music lover’s feeling lifted and anxious to possibly hear new material from this favorite southern classic in the future..

Their set was an hour-and-a-half of pure musical flavor that can only be categorized as “The South”. It was like watching a musical progression of them being in the beginning of their careers to now. It was amazing.¬† There were no elaborate costumes or crazy tricks. Their performance was strictly about spitting, live instrumentation, and raw vocals. They gave us Outkast before the Roses and Ghetto Music. They performed all of their classics and reminded all music lovers that they earned their place in Hip Hop off of their talent, respectfully. As I sat and watched their performance, I couldn’t help but bob my head and say, “Damn, I love Outkast!”

outkast_monaeWhen they got to performing their “SpeakerBoxx/ The Love Below” album, they both took breaks from the stage at separate times all while still supporting each other. At one point,¬† Big Boi took the stage and performed¬† some of his songs, then Andre 3000 took the stage and did his thing. Then, came the roses. This performance was worth watching every second. These gentlemen gave a real show. They also had a few collaborations: Janelle Monea, Sleepy Brown, and Future rocked with them for a while. They ended the show off retrospectively with some of their biggest hits. Footage of this performance went viral immediately after and the buzz about it is still going crazy online. Coachella is definitely on fire this year. I feel that this performance kind of cures any doubts about Outkast splitting up. Andre 3000 and Big Boi hushed all rumors. After 20 years, they still have that amazing musical chemistry that cannot be broken.